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toddle along

1. to walk along in an unconcerned manner. Kathleen was just toddling along, minding her own business.
2. to walk away. Why don't you toddle along now and let me get some work done?
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toddle away

 and toddle off
to walk away. Not even noticing what had happened, the old lady got up and toddled away. Sam toddled away, leaving us behind to explain things to the boss. Wally toddled off, leaving his dinner untouched. Don't just toddle off when I'm talking to you!
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toddle off

in. to depart; to walk away. She said good-bye and toddled off.
See also: off, toddle
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Toddling along: Jodie and Evie-May Harvey; Natalie Forbes from Woodside children's centre; and Ben and Michelle Hazeldine outside Dudley Castle.
The Big Toddle will see thousands of children toddling around a half-mile course with their parents and friends to help raise pounds 700,000 for Barnardo's.
The Angelenos eventually proved less hospitable than it was hoped, and after a period of limbo verging on chaos, the Joffrey has now come to roost in Chicago, that toddling town, most American of cities, home of America's finest architecture and a theater center of no little moment.
Leanne Oxley, leisure and sports development officer at Stockton Council, said: "The big toddle was a great success and we had lots of young swashbuckling pirates toddling their way around the park.
The event at St Fagans, Cardiff, saw nearly 200 children, their parents and grandparents toddling, walking or being pushed around the grounds of the national history museum's village as part of the Barnardo's Cymru annual Big Toddle.
SKY BLUES star Jay Tabb (below) has swapped dribbling for toddling as he helped Nuneaton tots raise money for charity.
Asked if her youngest son Leo would be toddling at next year's event she said: ``I would love to take him on a toddle but if we did the press would exploit him.
We shall be toddling again next summer and invite all under-fives to join in the fun.
Children from the Bridges Nursery in Gateshead are this week toddling around the playground to raise cash for charity.
THESE cute little ducks enjoyed dressing up and toddling two-by-two at a special charity event hosted by their nursery.
And the charity hopes their toddling efforts will have raised several thousand pounds.