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toddle along

1. to walk along in an unconcerned manner. Kathleen was just toddling along, minding her own business.
2. to walk away. Why don't you toddle along now and let me get some work done?
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toddle away

 and toddle off
to walk away. Not even noticing what had happened, the old lady got up and toddled away. Sam toddled away, leaving us behind to explain things to the boss. Wally toddled off, leaving his dinner untouched. Don't just toddle off when I'm talking to you!
See also: away, toddle

toddle off

in. to depart; to walk away. She said good-bye and toddled off.
See also: off, toddle
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Over 250,000 UK children toddled the equivalent distance of five times around the world last year, raising over pounds 1 million for Barnardo's work with vulnerable children.
TINY tots have toddled round a Nuneaton park to raise charity cash.
These youngsters - some seen with their parents - toddled from Shelley to Kirkburton to raise money for a children's charity.
A GROUP of tots toddled their way to a teddy bear's picnic for charity.
With shoes polished and wellies wiped down, these tots - about 60 in all - toddled round Greenhead Park, Marsh, to raise charity cash.
CELEBRITY mothers and children toddled past 10 Downing Street to launch a country-wide charity event for pint-sized fundraisers.
These terrific tots have joined nearly half a million youngsters across the UK who have toddled so far this year, raising funds for their communities and Barnardo's early-years work.
Smiles creased the faces of the excited under-fives who toddled around The Grove in the revamped park then enjoyed goodies.
Sheila Patel of Barnardo's said: "Youngsters toddled around the park on their own or clutching the hands of their friends.
STEPPING OUT: Some of the youngsters from Stepping Stones Creche in the Southlands Centre who toddled half a mile around the ponds in Stewart Park in June last year as part of Barnardo's Big Toddle
About 20 tots from the Culverdene Day Nursery toddled a half-mile course with parents, carers and friends.
Teesside tots put their best foot forward and toddled to raise cash for other children.
The children toddled over a half-mile course at Hemlington Initiative Centre on Cass House Road.