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toddle along

1. to walk along in an unconcerned manner. Kathleen was just toddling along, minding her own business.
2. to walk away. Why don't you toddle along now and let me get some work done?
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toddle away

 and toddle off
to walk away. Not even noticing what had happened, the old lady got up and toddled away. Sam toddled away, leaving us behind to explain things to the boss. Wally toddled off, leaving his dinner untouched. Don't just toddle off when I'm talking to you!
See also: away, toddle

toddle off

in. to depart; to walk away. She said good-bye and toddled off.
See also: off, toddle
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Nursery manager Victoria Solomon said: "We are always so happy to support this brilliant charity with our annual nursery toddle at Busy Bees.
Two youngsters take a break from the annual Barnardo's Big Toddle organised by St Cuthbert's Church, Marton last year
* For more information about that or to find out more about the Barnardo's Big Toddle event, contact Mrs King or Mrs Smithen on 01656 782509.
Find out more about The Big Toddle by visiting www.bigtoddle.
For more information on Toddle Waddle please visit STEVE WILLIAMS Meningitis Trust
The first three toddles at the zoo took place this week, with a fourth due next Tuesday.
ON BEHALF of Barnardo's, I would like to say a huge thank you to all the under-fives who took part in the Barnardo's Big Toddles at Knowsley Safari Park this summer.
Nursery manager Susanne O'Hara said the Toddle Waddle was a popular annual event.
Barnardos Big Toddle is a nationwide appeal that encourages youngsters to help other children by taking part in a half-mile sponsored walk.
Ffion Haf, community development officer for the charity, said: "Our toddle waddle event helps to deliver a very important message, but at the same time encourages youngsters and their families to come together, have fun, and raise vital funds."
Registrants can attend the Big Toddle being held by Barnardo's over at Gulliver'sWorld (Warrington) on June 21, Knowsley Safari Park on June 23 and Chester Zoo on May 10 andJuly5, 6, 7 & 8.
n Are you taking part in the Big Toddle? Send us your pictures to
The 12th Big Toddle was being held at Dudley Zoo and Castle yesterday and today and again next Tuesday and Wednesday.
WE WOULD like to thank all the under-fives across Merseyside who took part in the Barnardo's Big Toddle last summer.
PARENTS across the region are being urged to sign up now for the region's number one fundraising event for under fives - The Barnardo's Big Toddle 2014.