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toddle along

1. to walk along in an unconcerned manner. Kathleen was just toddling along, minding her own business.
2. to walk away. Why don't you toddle along now and let me get some work done?
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toddle away

 and toddle off
to walk away. Not even noticing what had happened, the old lady got up and toddled away. Sam toddled away, leaving us behind to explain things to the boss. Wally toddled off, leaving his dinner untouched. Don't just toddle off when I'm talking to you!
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toddle off

in. to depart; to walk away. She said good-bye and toddled off.
See also: off, toddle
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The event, sponsored by Jewsons and Ceramic Tile Distributors, is Barnardo's North East's first, biggest and 'official' Toddle of 2013 and following the success of last year, organisers are hoping to smash their targets.
Thousands of tots and their parents turned out for Barnardo's Big Toddle at Dudley Zoo.
Ms Clarke, Barnardo's Toddle fundraiser, said: "It's always a great atmosphere.
ON BEHALF of Barnardo's, I would like to say a huge thank you to all the under-fives who took part in the Barnardo's Big Toddles at Knowsley Safari Park this summer.
Director of Barnardo's North-east, Steve Oversby, said: "The Big Toddle for Barnardo's is a great way for kids to get fit, raise money and have fun.
Barnardo's Cymru fundraiser Sara Cobbledick said: "Our Big Toddle in Cardiff this year turned out to be the wildest, brightest and biggest yet.
The Barnardo's Big Toddle is all about children helping children and having big fun
Last year Barnardo's worked with around 9,000 disadvantaged and vulnerable under-fives, including many living in poverty and those with physical and learning disabilities The Big Toddle 2008 is hoping to raise pounds 2.
All money raised by the Big Toddle supports Barnardo's projects in your region helping disadvantaged and vulnerable under-fives.
POURING rain could not dampen the spirits of children and families on a charity toddle yesterday.
More than 100 pre-school children braved inclement weather for the annual Big Toddle in Stockton's Ropner Park.
MORE than 1,000 people are expected to join a sponsored toddle to raise cash for a heart unit.
Iona Needs, Big Toddle event organiser, said: "We would like to thank everyone for coming along.
WE WOULD like to thank all the under-fives across Huddersfield who took part in the Barnardo's Big Toddle last year.
The Coventry City player of the year took part in the Barnardo's Big Toddle at the Wacky Warehouse in Bermuda Park.