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If you look at the Riverwalk TOD before the TRAX line was installed, it was either open space or older, more industrial buildings," says Greg Pavich, vice president --investment, land, office at CBC Advisors.
Supporters of TOD have produced an abundance of descriptive studies in order to encourage the supply of these real estate products (Bernick and Cervero 1997; Porter 1997; Porter 1998; Belzer and Autler 2002; Calgary 2004; Ditmar and Ohland 2004; Jacobson and Forsyth 2008).
The lack of affordable housing also means that workers in the non-residential components of the development must commute to the area, creating greater automobile traffic by those workers and defeating many of the benefits of TOD.
TOD intends to increase land use density at pivotal locations and curb urban sprawl.
THE father of three daughters and a son, Mr Tod was always keen to be useful and for his children to continue his good work.
Tod claimed another car had approached him and he had to move to avoid it.
Here, Tod underlines the "variety of form" and the contrast between "a momentary gleam" from the setting sun and the shade of "our sombre path".
Together these renewals cover some 500 machines, 24 per cent of Scott Tod estate of automatic teller machines.
Zu fragen ist auch, wie Frisch seine Lebens- und Todesanschauung darstellt und ob und wie er mit fiktionaler Problembehandlung gegen die Ratlosigkeit im Leben angeht angesichts der allgemeingfiltigen Kontingenzprobleme wie Leben und Tod, mit denen jeder konfrontien wird.
Coming fifth was Laurence Archer and Tod on 63 points and sixth was Irene Turnbull with Mirk on a well deserved 58 points.
When he comes across the Sheriff's son, Tod, caught in a trap in the forest, Rook sees his chance for vengeance, but despite his hatred of the boy's father he comes to his aid.
The texts in the Ptolemaic-Roman temple at Tod, 20 kilometers south of Luxor, were then collated by Vercoutter, partly worked up for publication by Sauneron, and a first volume published in 1980 by J.
A Student and Teacher Harmonic Convergence, Tips for Success in the Voice Studio Tod Fitzpatrick
In early 2002, Tod Sedgwick, longtime publisher of Washington multititle firm Pasha Publications (yes, he's the one who named his company after his dog), launched IO Energy LLC.