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If frogs had wheels, they wouldn't bump their butts,

 and If a toady frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his ass.
Rur. It is useless to wish for impossible things. (Use caution with ass.) Tom: If I had two hundred thousand dollars, I could buy that farm. Jane: Yeah, and if frogs had wheels, they wouldn't bump their butts. Charlie: If I were rich and famous, I'd make people listen to me. Bill: If a toady frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his ass.
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toady (up) to someone

to fawn over someone; to try to flatter and impress someone. Carl is always toadying up to people. He has never toadied to me!
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With toadying sycophants like Tony Blair around one wonders if the evil emperor Dubya ``let's bomb everyone'' Bush needs any more help TERRY BANFIELD Fairview Court.
Maybe in America such work could offer a useful counterpoint to the toadying reportage found on CNN.
In spring there will be a musical version of Sweet Smell of Success, the acrid 1957 movie with Burt Lancaster as a vicious gossip columnist and Tony Curtis as a toadying publicist.
He returned to Parliament on the back of overwhelming support from Muslims to whom he has been toadying for a very long time, ever since 9/11 in fact.
This toadying to the obscenely rich while taking from those who can least afford it demands opposition to all cuts both locally and nationally.
GERI Halliwell's naughty boyfriend Henry Beckwith takes his toadying seriously.
IT IS not often that I find myself agreeing with Alderman Mike Olley's column, so often is he given to sycophantic toadying to his political chums.
It appears the Tory council in Coventry hasn't got the guts to throw it out, so they can keep toadying to Tony Blair.
And presumably those - including the Queen and Foreign Secretary Robin Cook - who are toadying up to him will omit to mention what happened to the trouble-makers because obviously in China anything less than torture and prolonged imprisonment would be considered an insult to the guest.
Stop toadying to Zinn, Kagarlitsky, and Robert Fisk, who have a mindset dead opposed to the democratic principles that your publication has espoused so well in the past.