toady to

toady (up) to (one)

To attempt to gain or maintain support, approval, or advantage from one through fawning, flattery, or other such sycophantic behavior. That sniveling twerp is always toadying up to the boss. Plenty of people toady up to her now that she's become so wealthy and powerful.
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toady (up) to someone

to fawn over someone; to try to flatter and impress someone. Carl is always toadying up to people. He has never toadied to me!
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References in classic literature ?
There were some of the girls who were of her own sort, who were willing to toady to her and flatter her; and these would carry tales about the rest, and so the furies were unchained in the place.
He said that the power supply problems were emerged at Rajanpur, Fatehpur and nearby areas due to heavy thunderstorm, adding 38 complaints sent by the federal complaint cell toady to MEPCO had been addressed.
However, as an avid supporter of Israel, I am sure Rob is well aware that George Galloway''s support for Middle Eastern causes dates back over at least three decades, not least in support of the Palestinian people, and is not driven by the desire to toady to Muslims in pursuit of electoral advantage in Bradford.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The European Union approved to impose a new set of unilateral sanctions against Iran in a move to toady to the US and Israel, a senior Iranian legislator said on Wednesday.
"The EU is well aware that its sanctions will not undermine the resolve of the Islamic Iran's great nation and they approved these sanctions merely as a political measure to toady to their bosses," Rapporteur of the parliament's Economic Commission Seyed Ali Mousavi Jaraf told FNA.Mousavi Jaraf viewed imposition of sanctions against Iran as a game designed by the Zionist regime and the US, and reiterated that they themselves know that "they will gain nothing from this game".Meantime, he expressed the hope that the plans devised by the Iranian government and parliament would prevent the UN Security Council sanctions and the West's unilateral embargoes from inflicting a harm or damage on the Iranian people.The European Union approved a new set of unilateral embargos against Iran on Monday.
The professors, who are 'hungry' for power, are not any better; they would do anything to be named rector of this university: first they toady to BDI leader Ali Ahmeti, then they toady to PDSH Chairman Menduh Thaci.