to the wind

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to the (four) wind(s)

In all or many different directions. After the company went bankrupt, our team was scattered to the wind. All my friends dispersed to the four winds after high school, so I don't have any strong desire to return.

to the wind(s) (or the four winds)

1 in all directions. 2 so as to be abandoned or neglected.
1 1995 Kate Atkinson Behind the Scenes at the Museum My little flock scatters to the four winds and are hugged and congratulated by their respective parents for being so pretty, charming, cute, delightful, and so on.
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When there's abundant sand and little or no plant cover, the crests of the so-called transverse dunes are perpendicular to the wind. Winds that blow in different directions at different rimes of the year, such as monsoon winds, can produce compound dunes that have a complicated shape.
Mouse scampered this way and that, calling to the wind. But Wind would not answer.
The collision also changes the signal's frequency in specific ways, and a computer hooked up to the wind profiler can compare the reflected signal with the original to determine the air current's speed and direction.
Yet by structuring the credits to expire every couple of years, the government actually did a disservice to the wind industry.