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QUADRAMET is approved for the treatment of pain in patients whose cancer has spread to the bone, PROSTASCINTis a PSMA-targeting monoclonal antibody-based agent to image the extent and spread of prostate cancer, and SOLTAMOX is the first liquid hormonal therapy approved in the U.
Injury or trauma to the bone, as well as degenerative conditions, disease and aging, affect the health and viability of the human skeleton.
Unlike many supplements poised to the bone health market, OsteoPure is not calcium-based.
Aredia is the first drug that has been proven to reduce the incidence of skeletal complications of metastatic breast cancer, thereby reducing the need for radiation therapy or surgery to the bone.
Approximately 100,000 breast cancer patients are currently living with cancer that has metastasized to the bone.
In support of Alta's application-specific solutions strategy, three significant enhancements have been made to the BONeS Designer environment.