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You had to admire his courage and tenacity in fighting this horrible disease with so much strength of character to the bitter end.
A tightly-woven plot keeps the reader enthralled to the bitter end - crime writing at its best.
Opposite number Chris Hutchings said: "I thought Stourbridge fought to the bitter end.
Let It Be: My Daughter's Legacy" is a mother coming to terms with her daughter's death from brain cancer and her resolve to fight her cancer to the bitter end.
My fear is that it will be to the bitter end of the Labour Party.
Woe betide the newcomer who makes the mistake of regarding the average village green game as anything other than a contest to the bitter end.
Our faith, after all, tells us that death, rather than an enemy to be fought to the bitter end, is the necessary path to fullness of life.
Bill Clinton denied anything and everything to the bitter end and remained in office, impeachment or not.
Never seen this all the way through and I'll be impressed if you can stay to the bitter end.
This week's events have ripped me apart but I am still Sunderland to the bitter end.
Dennis is adamant McLaren will fight to the bitter end for both titles but concedes Raikkonen's plight is becoming desperate.
Canadian forest industry giants with large operations in Northern Ontario are prepared to fight duties on exported softwood lumber to the bitter end, in spite of a recent U.
Saturday's win wasn't pretty, but at least there was the old quality of a Liverpool team not giving up to the bitter end -and getting their reward.
But while David can be commended for quitting while he was ahead it seems that fellow wannabe Malachi Cush is determined to struggle on to the bitter end.
If all of the anchor cable has been payed out you have come to the bitter end.