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It was a grind to say the least,'' said Thacher, who recorded the opening point in the tiebreaker before relinquishing the next four.
It's bad enough that Sam is from California and his mother Galaxy was a bit different, to say the least.
A short film that she describes as "The Virgin Suicides meets Heathers meets Welcome to the Dollhouse," Spare Me was produced under out-of-the-ordinary circumstances, to say the least.
One-of-a-kind, to say the least, and already causing a stir among prospective buyers.
Gobel's brief reign at the Iowa Christian Coalition has been colorful to say the least.
For an institution whose authority is based on its ethical substance, the church's policy of choosing simply to ignore the views of professional architectural associations is, to say the least, outrageous.
Yet climate modeler Jerry Mahlman comments, "That's a funny assertion, to say the least.
The response to DALIAN FUSHI's presentation has been enthusiastic, to say the least, with virtually every targeted investment group expressing interest in participating in the PIPE financing," stated Chris Bickel, chairman and chief executive officer of S3 Investment Company.
IT'S out of the ordinary, to say the least, for a former governor to re-enter state politics and run for attorney general.
This struggling little family, dysfunctional to say the least, has its happy times, especially when Pa is put into jail for six months or so, and June and her Ma and the quiet Rhett rent an old house, June is able to attend school and make some friends.
If you haven't, you've missed out on a chance to connect with tech professionals and learn about the latest in hardware, software, and the Internet, to say the least of getting the same information the tech pros get.
When documentary filmmaker Tom Shepard, who is gay, read an article in a local newspaper in 1998 about straight 13-year-old Steven Cozza and his campaign against antigay discrimination within the Boy Scouts of America, he recalls, "I was a little incredulous, to say the least.
The responsibilities spelled out in the AIA's standardized agreement are formidable, to say the least.
The difference in age estimates between the two types of carbon samples from the same bone is, to say the least, significant.
So the ability to influence the market by how you manage LNG is questionable to say the least," Gordon Shearer of Poten & Partners said in an interview with Natural Gas Intelligence.