to say nothing of

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to say nothing of (someone or something)

Not even considering or mentioning the significance or impact of someone or something else. It will take me at least two hours to fix this part of the fence, to say nothing of repairing all of it. Their newborn will be difficult enough to take care of while they're away, to say nothing of their temperamental toddler.
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to say nothing of someone or something

not to even mention the importance of someone or something. John and Mary had to be taken care of, to say nothing of Bill, who would require even more attention. I'm having enough difficulty painting the house, to say nothing of the garage that is very much in need of paint.
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to say nothing of

see under not to mention.
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to say nothing of

And there is no need to mention. Used to allude to things that fill out an idea or argument: The yard is a mess, to say nothing of the house.
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Once such agreements are secured, the construction of large-scale biodiesel production facilities will be necessary to meet the demand for biodiesel in the generation of electricity, to say nothing of the increasing on-road demand for alternative fuels.
The antiphonal effect created by the placement, to say nothing of watching Salonen manage 180-degree spins to conduct these players, was both sonically revelatory and viscerally thrilling.
There are nearly 27 billion gallons of diesel consumed in the United States alone, to say nothing of the huge volume consumed internationally.
The UTLA also seeks to scale back programs used to create some semblance of teacher accountability - putting the interests of the hacks within its ranks over those of the professionals, to say nothing of parents and students.
At SSA, we are committed to these standards, which should deliver high levels of interoperability and flexibility -- to say nothing of productivity.
But, being a Russian nursing student who could not cherish the bloc's state's new openness more, she develops very practical, to say nothing of moral, objections to the ruse.
If Lockyer cared for the integrity of his office - to say nothing of a free and open market - he would do just that.
In that light, I tend to be more than tolerant of gambling as long as it is permitted, to say nothing of encouraged, by society's leaders.
Think of all those training brochures that come across your desk and end up in the waste basket, to say nothing of the thousands of dollars spent on newspaper, trade journal advertising, and vendor booths.
Rice, to say nothing of the Dennis Rodman show-within-the-show.