to say nothing of

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to say nothing of (someone or something)

Not even considering or mentioning the significance or impact of someone or something else; not to mention (someone or something). It will take me at least two hours to fix this part of the fence, to say nothing of repairing all of it. Their newborn will be difficult enough to take care of while they're away, to say nothing of their temperamental toddler.
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to say nothing of someone or something

not to even mention the importance of someone or something. John and Mary had to be taken care of, to say nothing of Bill, who would require even more attention. I'm having enough difficulty painting the house, to say nothing of the garage that is very much in need of paint.
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to say nothing of

see under not to mention.
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to say nothing of

And there is no need to mention. Used to allude to things that fill out an idea or argument: The yard is a mess, to say nothing of the house.
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While everyone would admit that the anti-urban is one tradition, to claim it is the only one or even the dominant one hardly does justice to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Henry James, or William Dean Howells in the nineteenth century, to say nothing of home-grown modernists like Waldo Frank, Kenneth Burke, Hart Crane, and Lewis Mumford in the twentieth century (to name only a few).
In all his seamlessly executed objects, Ray fixates on how and why things happen, to say nothing of wondering what really does happen in the field of vision, and how such events might be remade as art.
Drawing on his journals and on letters lovingly written home to his partner, John Gutoskey (the show's superb costume designer), Sparling has crafted a poetic performance text whose rhythms could power several jet planes, to say nothing of eight dancers.
"Irrelevant X at the center of things," muses Davis between these whiplash alightings (to say nothing of side trips to Napoleon's banquet table and Atlantic City's Sands hotel).
Asked what Buick stands for today, Shannon pauses for a few surprising seconds and then blurts out: "We're an American alternative to overpriced import sedans." Now onto the next question: How do you get a Lexus owner to consider walking into a Buick showroom, to say nothing of actually signing on the bottom line?
To say nothing of his hyperactive scion-of-Jerry-Lewis-and-Sandra-Bernhard shtick on talk shows, his hosting of a particularly mortifying edition of Saturday Night Live, or his generation of an endless string of profiles, commentaries, and a general gnashing of teeth over the whole Q.T.
The second vehicle to be produced will be an all-new Santa Fe SUV, but its timing, production launch in early '06, is predicated on making sure that the quality of the first product is up to snuff (to say nothing of being up to the 10-year warranty that the company offers).
Artistically, her precedents lie not only in esthetic prototypes but in automutilative performance artists like Chris Burden, Stelarc, and Gina Pane; socially, her work is not that much more extreme than the experiments punks and "modern primitives" perform on themselves, to say nothing of what Cindy Crawford wannabes must put themselves through.
That is, while the initial cost of a full-blown flexible ring gauge may be on the order of $500,000 and a single hard-tooled gauge $120,000, the difference is not only in the need for multiple conventional ring gauges for a single vehicle (consider a four-door), but the fact that it can take six months to obtain a hard-tooled gauge and three months for a flex system, to say nothing of the fact that reconfiguration costs are a fraction of buying new gauges for a different or modified door design.--GSV
While multidisciplinary design optimization may be of something best understood by people with "Ph.D" on their business cards, the significant savings that Six Sigma can provide (to say nothing of the fact that former GE head Jack Welch was a proponent of it) is something that the accounting minded can bank on.--GSV