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It's one thing for this to happen with a couple of races remaining when one driver is clearly in a better position to push for the title, but to pull rank as early as Race 3 will only hurt Leclerc's confidence along with the team's stature.
"The Queen has been forced to pull rank and to pull Meghan into line after making a bold call to move away from the Cambridges."
The 34-year-old world number 14 from Kent fired in back-to-back breaks of 83 and 133 this evening in going level, but not for the first time in this tournament O'Sullivan managed to pull rank.
Nahrain HAVING shaken off seven months of racing inactivity, Nahrain is primed for her first appearance at Group 1 level since the Breeders' Cup, when one of last season's top fillies will bid to pull rank on some of this year's stars, writes Jon Le es.
"I'll get the last word then," he sniggered, only for chair Bill Midgely to pull rank and make the mayor go first.
Grange are bidding to pull rank on Group A rivals Penicuik and Dunfermline after all three ended with a win each following last month's first round of matches.
But Strachan should be able to pull rank and stop Nakamura travelling as that weekend is NOT a recognised international match date under FIFA rules
Therefore, the Celtic manager should be able to pull rank under FIFA rules and keep his player for the Old Firm game.
Bob Ainsworth, Coventry North-East MP is writing to Dr Stephen Ladyman asking him to pull rank and progress the dispute which is now two years old.
Everyone knows the stereotype: pizza-eating, coke-swilling, socially inept, hygiene-challenged, sci-fi loving geeks; they cannot and will not fit in with corporate culture, will laugh at a manager that tries to pull rank, use their technology knowledge to make others feel inferior.
Walker admits he is using the armband to pull rank. "I'm giving myself a share of the free-kicks," he adds.
Henman and Rusedski were expected to pull rank on Todd Martin and Jim Courier six months ago, and look what happened to them.
John Higgins is 4-9 to pull rank on Mark Allen, whom he beat 17-13 in a World Championship semi-final last May.