keep to oneself

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keep to (something or oneself)

1. To adhere to something, such as a plan or a rule; to stick to something. Please keep to the plan, and everything will go smoothly. How can I trust you if you never keep to your promises?
2. To stay somewhere or to not go away or far from somewhere, typically because of some restriction. Keep the front yard, kids—I don't want to see you running in the street. The princess hated that she always had to keep to the castle.
3. To refrain from attempting to communicate or make connections with others. If you want to make friends, you can't keep to yourself all the time. Start meeting people! The old man down the streets always keeps to himself. I just realized I don't even know his name.
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keep something to oneself

to keep something a secret. I want you to keep this news to yourself. This should be kept to yourself.
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keep to oneself

to be solitary; to stay away from other people. Ann tends to keep to herself. She doesn't have many friends. I try to keep to myself each morning so I can get some work done.
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keep to oneself

1. Also, keep oneself to oneself. Shun the company of others, value one's privacy, as in She kept to herself all morning, or, as Doris Lessing put it in In Pursuit of the English (1960): "She keeps herself to herself so much." [Late 1600s]
2. Refrain from revealing, hold secret, as in He promised to keep the news to himself. Also see the synonym keep under one's hat.
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References in classic literature ?
my dear comrades, it will be rather curious to have the earth for our moon, to see it rise on the horizon, to recognize the shape of its continents, and to say to oneself, `There is America, there is Europe;' then to follow it when it is about to lose itself in the sun's rays
Nothing ever seems so good as what one keeps to oneself,' said she, and was quite satisfied with her day's work.
But I can't--I'm talking a sort of nonsense--the sort of nonsense one talks to oneself.
The exquisite existential concept of being legally forbidden to be in touch with oneself, to hold oneself as a potential threat to oneself, to seek the protection of the state against oneself, seems more Stone's concern here than sending up the ham-fisted and incompetent trappings of bureaucracy.
Lawyer, grandmother, mediator and poet Janet Smith Warfield presents Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World, a remarkable self-help guide to adapting one's consciousness to help bring peace to oneself and to the planet, one person at a time.
The colorful illustrations blend beautiful natural scenery with just a touch of cartoon-like expression to soften the animals' faces in this wonderful picturebook with an important underlying message about being true to oneself and one's strengths.
With the story of the author's dog Bunny, a faithful companion with Addison's disease who nevertheless lived to be 15 years old and taught his owner numerous lessons, Paws of Wisdom reveals the importance of being consistent, humble, patient, true to oneself, and kind and gentle to all living things.
According to the theory, attributing cause to oneself will occur because the objectively self-aware person is experiencing him or herself as somehow different and exhibiting salient characteristics that distinguish them from the majority.
But "radical honesty"--in the sense intended here--is, by contrast, a matter of being truly open to what other people may have to say; especially those most different to oneself in temperament, cultural conditioning, or experience of life.
And no poet has written more glowingly of the joys of truthfulness to oneself and about oneself.
In her Autobiography, published in 1720 and immediately translated into several languages, Guyon used the genre "as a place of uncovering and covering, a place to negotiate conventions, a place where one tries to give to oneself and to the reader an acceptable image of oneself' (219).
To offer highly valued assistance to someone at minimal cost to oneself is not mandated by strict concern for rights and duties, but it is nonetheless morally indicated.
Privacy is the control of another's access to oneself (e.
But it argued the revenue ruling went too far: Retaining the right to designate another corporate trustee should not be equated with reserving the trustee's powers to oneself
Wellness: Piece By Piece is very strongly recommended as a reliable and "reader friendly" reference or guide for coping with any form of chronic illness with respect to oneself or a loved one.