to name

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to (one's) name

Belonging to one: I don't have a hat to my name.
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It seems that on a deep, unconscious level, the family fears that to name Beloved will be to call the ghost of the murdered baby into being once again.
The most efficient tax alternative would be to name a child as the DB.
By this logic, there is never a time--and has never been a time-when a proper name would exist; no name would be proper to, or fulfilling of, whatever it failed to name, which is always the impossible condition of naming.
When she wanted to name a lineage that she'd discovered within the heath group, she found that the only two options under standard nomenclature each required changing almost 100 other plant names.
A woman wanted to name her kid Satin, but she spelled it S-A-T-A-N,'' McPhail said.
Stroop's documentation of this effect followed upon related research conducted 50 years earlier by psychologist James McKeen Cattell, who reported that objects and colors take longer to name aloud than their corresponding words take to read aloud.
For instance, incompatible words embedded in line drawings-such as the word "horse" placed within a rendering of a bear - interfere with the person's ability to name the pictures.
At three points in this process, the researchers presented each shape in a neutral color (white), a color that matched its name and a color that clased with its name; they then asked participants to name the shape or its ink color.
The story I heard," Chalfie says, "was that he was first going to name them after stupid scientists.
So we decided to name it ether a go-go to celebrate the era when it was discovered.
The value of individual domains can vary greatly from name to name," said Chris Maroney, co-CEO of Afternic.
EtherPeek also features a simple "Add to Name Table" command that allows the user to highlight specified packets, type in names to associate with the logical and physical addresses of the packets, and add them to the Name Table.
Cordless keyboard technology is ideal for many applications including: conference rooms, hospitals, offices, demo rooms, and in the home just to name a few.
nu to names registered by large corporations including, entertainment software publisher, Blizzard Entertainment at http://www.
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