to name

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to (one's) name

Belonging to one: I don't have a hat to my name.
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It seems that on a deep, unconscious level, the family fears that to name Beloved will be to call the ghost of the murdered baby into being once again.
The most efficient tax alternative would be to name a child as the DB.
By this logic, there is never a time--and has never been a time-when a proper name would exist; no name would be proper to, or fulfilling of, whatever it failed to name, which is always the impossible condition of naming.
When she wanted to name a lineage that she'd discovered within the heath group, she found that the only two options under standard nomenclature each required changing almost 100 other plant names.
Intelligence and Border Protection agencies for nearly two decades, developing a revolutionary and patent-pending approach to name matching and searching, going far beyond simplistic Soundex and key-based approaches.
Ronda McPhail, a registered nurse and certified Lamaze instructor with a somewhat unusual name of her own, has been privy to many a conversation about what to name the baby during her years in the delivery room and in prenatal classes.
A woman wanted to name her kid Satin, but she spelled it S-A-T-A-N,'' McPhail said.
When asked to name aloud the incompatible ink colors in which a list of color words is printed (for example, to say "blue" in response to the word "yellow" printed in blue ink, "red" in response to the word "green" printed in red ink, and so on), people experience a mental sensation comparable to running in a swimming pool - you just can't do it quickly.
Stroop's documentation of this effect followed upon related research conducted 50 years earlier by psychologist James McKeen Cattell, who reported that objects and colors take longer to name aloud than their corresponding words take to read aloud.
In any case, many consider his ultimate decision to name the mutants after vegetables such as rutabaga, turnip and cabbage only marginally more diplomatic.
The value of individual domains can vary greatly from name to name," said Chris Maroney, co-CEO of Afternic.
EtherPeek also features a simple "Add to Name Table" command that allows the user to highlight specified packets, type in names to associate with the logical and physical addresses of the packets, and add them to the Name Table.
The ALM hopes and trusts that the Council would never put forward bylaws that would be fundamentally unjust to Names, but if this were ever to happen, the ALM would not flinch from calling an EGM [extraordinary general meeting] and urging all Names to vote to protect their interests.
nu to names registered by large corporations including, entertainment software publisher, Blizzard Entertainment at http://www.
nu to names registered by large corporations including Dell Computer Corporation at http://www.