to (one's) dying day

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to (one's) dying day

For the entirety or remainder of one's life. to my dying day, I will never forgive him for what he's done to our family. Despite all her doctors' warnings, my grandmother smoked cigarettes like a chimney to her dying day.
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to your dying day

for the rest of your life.
1967 George Mackay Brown A Calendar of Love This one always was and ever will be to his dying day a garrulous long-winded old man.
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till/to/until your ˌdying ˈday

for as long as you live: I swear I won’t forgive her to my dying day!
See also: dying, till, until
References in classic literature ?
"To my dying day I shall feel that he had been ill-used.
"Tell her," said Good, "that I owe her my life, and that I will never forget her kindness to my dying day."
Her eyes were more communicative--her eyes added, in their language, 'You may say what you please; I will never forgive you to my dying day.'
"Oh, Lucy--I shall never forgive myself, never to my dying day. Fancy if your prospects--"
He added: "I regret that omission and I shall regret it to my dying day." The tragedy happened at an FA Cup semi-final between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool at Sheffield Wednesday's ground in April 1989.
"To my dying day I'll always have a crush on Glenda Jackson" - Film director Ken Russell in a recent, so far unseen, TV interview shortly before his death.
In my riding days I once overdid the whip when schooling a mare over fences and to my dying day I shall regret that incident as much as any other sin I have committed.
But in a letter from Durham jail, she said: "What I was involved in is etched into my heart and mind, and my conscience will follow me to my dying day."