to look at somebody/something

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to look at (someone or something)

Based on or judging from someone's or something's appearance alone. To look at him, you wouldn't think Steve did mixed martial arts on the weekend. To look at it, it's hard to believe that such a small device is full of such powerful hardware.
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to ˈlook at somebody/something


by the ˈlook of somebody/something

(informal) judging from the way somebody/something appears: To look at him, you wouldn’t think he was the richest person in the country.To look at them, you’d never imagine that they tasted so delicious.
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One wonders if they had possibly for one second expected that a proposed pay cut for doctors getting up at 3am on a freezing night to drive over to Ouston to look at somebody's poorly foot was going to be "well received."
to look at somebody and discover where he has been at all times over the last week." The Court ofAppeals decision relied on thinking of GPS as merely equivalent to physically tailing a suspect, something cops can do without a warrant.