to (one's) dying day

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to (one's) dying day

For the entirety or remainder of one's life. to my dying day, I will never forgive him for what he's done to our family. Despite all her doctors' warnings, my grandmother smoked cigarettes like a chimney to her dying day.
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to your dying day

for the rest of your life.
1967 George Mackay Brown A Calendar of Love This one always was and ever will be to his dying day a garrulous long-winded old man.
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till/to/until your ˌdying ˈday

for as long as you live: I swear I won’t forgive her to my dying day!
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dying day, to one's

For the rest of one’s life. The English poet George Sandys used the expression as long ago as 1599: “To have a sight of her sometime before their dying-dayes.” The cliché usually appears in a somewhat melodramatic or hyperbolic context, such as “I’ll never forget this garden, not to my dying day.”
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References in classic literature ?
To her astonishment (and it was something that she never ceased from relating to her dying day), she saw Martin Eden seize an iron from the stove and throw a fancy shirt-waist on the ironing-board.
"I tell you, sir, Miss Emily must never know it to her dying day!"
Legs or no legs, the housekeeper saw him, and she says, as I say, she will never forget him to her dying day. She told him (as soon as she recovered herself) of Mr.
Marilla felt an uncomfortable conviction that, if she denied the appeal of that look, it would haunt her to her dying day. More- over, she did not fancy Mrs.
Good-by to Miss Pink--who will regret to her dying day that Isabel's answer to Hardyman was No.
To her dying day would she remember that surge of passion.
Fonda had previously stated that the one thing that she will regret to her dying day is to be photographed on a Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun.
I certainly don't want to see pictures of a young woman right up to her dying day.