in a pickle, to be/get

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be in a pickle

slang To be in a troublesome situation. The adjectives "pretty" and "right" are commonly used before "pickle." Boy, am I in a pickle—I accidentally made plans with two different men tonight! We're in a pretty pickle now because the hotel gave our room away!
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get in a pickle

1. To become involved in a difficult, problematic, or troublesome situation. Tom's father has a lot of influence in the community, so he always steps in whenever Tom gets in a pickle. Those two knuckleheads are always getting in some pickle or another.
2. To create a difficult, problematic, or troublesome situation for someone else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "get" and "in." The new CEO has gotten the company in a pickle with this disastrous new marketing campaign. It's not the first time that Sarah's opinions have gotten her in a pickle at school.
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in a pickle, to be/get

In a bad situation; in trouble. Although it sounds very up to date, this expression dates from Shakespeare’s time. “How camest thou in this pickle?” says Alonso to his fellow-conspirator (The Tempest, 5.1). The term has been so used ever since.
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