to a T

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to a T

Also, to a turn. Perfectly, exactly right, as in The description fitted him to a T, or The roast was done to a turn. The first expression, dating from the late 1600s, may allude to the T-square, used for accurate drawing, but some think it refers to crossing one's T's. The variant alludes to meat being turned on a spit until it is cooked to the proper degree. The variant was first recorded in 1780.

to a T (or tee)

exactly; to perfection. informal
This origin of this idiom, which dates back to the late 17th century, is uncertain. Attempts to link T with either a golfer's tee or a builder's T-square are unconvincing. It is possible that the underlying idea is that of completing the letter T by putting in the cross stroke, but the early 17th-century expression to a tittle was identical in meaning, and it is possible that T may be an abbreviation of tittle .
2000 Post (Denver) He's got Ralphie's same non-charismatic charisma down to a T.

to a ˈT/ˈtee

(British English, informal) exactly; perfectly: This new job suits me to a T (= it is perfect for me).This portrait is excellent — it’s Rosemary to a T. This may be a short form of the old phrase to a tittle which meant ‘to the smallest detail’. A tittle was a small mark or point on a letter.
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to a T

Perfectly; precisely: This actor fits the role to a T.