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drive (one) to drink

To be so unpleasant as to impel one to drink alcohol to forget about it. The stress of this job will drive me to drink.
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lie in wait for (someone or something)

To await someone or something from a concealed position, especially to surprise, trap, or attack them. When I'm walking alone at night, I'm always worried that attackers are just lying in wait for me. Agents for the anti-money sector have lain in wait for months for the corporation to fall for their new sting operation.
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read (one) like an open book

To easily analyze and thoroughly understand one, especially one's emotions, motivations, etc. I can read you like an open book, and I can tell that something's wrong, so please tell me what it is. I tried to hide how sad I felt while I was in front of my parents, but they read me like an open book.
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little/no purpose
With few or no results.
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