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tissue of lies

A number of false statements made to deliberately hide the truth. After the human resources manager performed a background check on the new applicant, she realized his resume was a tissue of lies.
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a ˌtissue of ˈlies

(literary) a story, an excuse, etc. that is full of lies: This official report on the nuclear energy industry is a tissue of lies.
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pack of lies, a

An elaborate fabrication. This phrase uses pack in the sense of a large collection of abstract objects, and, as it has been since Shakespeare’s time, in a disparaging sense. Thomas Jefferson used it in a letter of 1763: “Would you rather that I should write you a pack of lies?” A closely related expression is a tissue of lies. It uses tissue in the figurative sense of a woven fabric—that is, an intricate intertwining of separate elements, similarly abstract.
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O principal objetivo do tratamento da sepse e adequar o transporte e a oferta tissular de oxigenio a condicao patologica de consumo.
Physical factors set to work, which exposes the worker to an increased risk of pain at the level of the spine are persistent and very hard physical activity at work, prolonged sitting, chronic incorrect posture in orthostatic position, flexion, twisting, pushing, lifting (in many cases, the pain registered at the level of the lumbar spine caused by lifting weights have no explanation and is not confirmed by the presence of tissular accidents of structural components, which form the backbone), repeated falls, vibrations resulting from long periods of car driving and poor muscle strength.
Keleman pensa o corpo como uma arquitetura tissular, geneticamente programada, finita, em permanente construcao e desconstrucao, pulsando segundo afetos, com suas camaras e valvulas, sempre em busca de mais vida, inflando, adensando ou enrijecendo de acordo com o grau de tolerancia aos ritmos da excitacao gerada pelas experiencias de amor e decepcao, medo ou agressao, agonia ou prazer.
CT may show a tissular lesion of the lacrimal sac and nasolacrimal duct with no bony extension.
The process of filament elongation has not yet been clearly described in the fourth and dominant gill type, the eulamellibranch, which, like the peudolamellibranch, is characterized, in the adult, by tissular fusion of the dorsal bends with the mantle, lateral to the base of the descending lamella.
37) Ja a fosfatidilcolina auxilia na recuperacao tissular do figado, (24) estimula a sintese de neurotransmissores importantes para a memoria e pode estar envolvida no desenvolvimento cerebral.
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Prediction of tissular body composition from protein and lipid deposition in growing pigs.
Over the tissue of these organs the dexamethasone may lead to a modification in the patterns of insulin activity, changes in the plasmatic and tissular lipidic profile and changes in the patterns of proliferation, differentiation and cellular deaths (Salhanick et al.
1999); the SP links onto the NK 1-R receptors which are joined to G proteins from the endothelial cells and induce the formation of interruptions of the tissular continuity between the adjacent endothelial cells in the postcapillary venules (Boewden et al.
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An important objective of the genomic approach is the understanding of the most basic mechanisms of cellular, tissular, and organismal physiology.
Human beings differ from bees, monkeys, and other animals because of specific programs written in their chromosomes, which are responsible for the development of characteristic organs and functions during embryological evolution and tissular differentiation.