tissue of lies

tissue of lies

A number of false statements made to deliberately hide the truth. After the human resources manager performed a background check on the new applicant, she realized his resume was a tissue of lies.
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a ˌtissue of ˈlies

(literary) a story, an excuse, etc. that is full of lies: This official report on the nuclear energy industry is a tissue of lies.
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pack of lies, a

An elaborate fabrication. This phrase uses pack in the sense of a large collection of abstract objects, and, as it has been since Shakespeare’s time, in a disparaging sense. Thomas Jefferson used it in a letter of 1763: “Would you rather that I should write you a pack of lies?” A closely related expression is a tissue of lies. It uses tissue in the figurative sense of a woven fabric—that is, an intricate intertwining of separate elements, similarly abstract.
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His Honour Judge Andrew Stubbs QC said in sentencing at York crown court: "There was a tissue of lies and there were no jobs.
Many officers have expressed frustration and anger over what has taken place--not to challenge national-security policy, which they leave up to the politicians, but because they are perceiving a tissue of lies, as in Iraq.
Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said: "The economic case for independence two years ago was a tissue of lies.
CAMERON'S New Year speech is a tissue of lies and deceit in that it has long been his policy to use economically illiterate "austerity" to oblige the poorest to pay for the bank bailout which itself was a consequence of that same neoliberalism and deregulation welcomed by the Tories though pursued by Blair and Brown.
She added: "What you did after her killing, including telling the police a tissue of lies - some of which went into the public domain - would I have no doubt caused the family increased distress.
Ruddy, 29, tried to evade justice by staging a burglary, hitting himself with a brick, stabbing himself with scissors then concocting a tissue of lies about intruders attacking them.
Mr Beardmore said: "The CCTV shows his earlier account to be a tissue of lies.
Last week Tymoshenko lost her appeal against conviction on charges connected to her signing of a Russian gas contract, which she claims are a tissue of lies inspired by Yanukovych, the man she helped remove from power in 2004, but who returned to defeat her in the 2010 presidential election, the report added.
Aware that her perception of the world isn't reality, Joana must see through the tissue of lies to discover who - if anyone - she can genuinely trust.
The prosecution in this case fully accepts that Mr Grommek was indeed persuaded to accept a version of events, that he was cajoled into signing statements he knew to be an absolute tissue of lies.
CONTROVERSIAL writer Kathy O'Beirne has been challenged to take a lie detector test on TV after her family branded her chart-topping book about her abuse a tissue of lies.
This is all a tissue of lies and a lie doesn't become a truth through repetition.
As it turns out, the entire case is built on a tissue of lies.
A shell house represents a ruined estate in the English countryside, the tissue of lies and self-deceptions people use to sustain their daily activity, and a belief system, such as Christianity, which sustains hope that life has meaning and suffering has purpose.