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tissue of lies

A number of false statements made to deliberately hide the truth. After the human resources manager performed a background check on the new applicant, she realized his resume was a tissue of lies.
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a ˌtissue of ˈlies

(literary) a story, an excuse, etc. that is full of lies: This official report on the nuclear energy industry is a tissue of lies.
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pack of lies, a

An elaborate fabrication. This phrase uses pack in the sense of a large collection of abstract objects, and, as it has been since Shakespeare’s time, in a disparaging sense. Thomas Jefferson used it in a letter of 1763: “Would you rather that I should write you a pack of lies?” A closely related expression is a tissue of lies. It uses tissue in the figurative sense of a woven fabric—that is, an intricate intertwining of separate elements, similarly abstract.
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