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tissue of lies

A number of false statements made to deliberately hide the truth. After the human resources manager performed a background check on the new applicant, she realized his resume was a tissue of lies.
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a ˌtissue of ˈlies

(literary) a story, an excuse, etc. that is full of lies: This official report on the nuclear energy industry is a tissue of lies.
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pack of lies, a

An elaborate fabrication. This phrase uses pack in the sense of a large collection of abstract objects, and, as it has been since Shakespeare’s time, in a disparaging sense. Thomas Jefferson used it in a letter of 1763: “Would you rather that I should write you a pack of lies?” A closely related expression is a tissue of lies. It uses tissue in the figurative sense of a woven fabric—that is, an intricate intertwining of separate elements, similarly abstract.
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Rutka: Granulation tissue can represent just one part of a spectrum of disease.
One of the creditors from the Eastern Pulp & Paper bankruptcy, ING Prime Rate Trust, agreed to invest fresh capital in the new Lincoln Paper and Tissue.
Alistair Cooke's remains were only the most famous of more than a thousand bodies plundered by Michael Mastromarino, owner of Biomedical Tissue Services (BTS).
She pulls out one of the cryovat's precious contents: a frozen sample of animal tissue that had been sent to her by a scientist that was working in Asia.
As part of the study, each patient will have a small volume of tissue removed from one or more of the body's normal fatty depots.
Of all the technological innovations in tissue, through-air-drying (TAD) has had the biggest impact on the high quality tissue segment.
The group is planning future studies to see whether the lab-made muscle can contract as natural tissue does.
Three procedures have been described to address this common otolaryngologic problem: (1) complete excision of the tonsils by dissection of the tonsillar capsule from the adjacent parapharyngeal muscles (tonsillectomy), (2) near-total removal of the tonsils with preservation of the tonsillar capsule and a small amount of lymphoid tissue (subtotal or supracapsular tonsillectomy), and (3) reduction of the lymphoid elements of the tonsils with preservation of the overlying mucosa (tonsil reduction or volume tissue reduction of the tonsils).
Tissue specimens were collected from 11 animals that died on the first day of the stranding.
For example, when a patient consents to surgery that may result in tissue that would be discarded, the doctor can ask about interest in donating it for medical research.
Using ice therapy for only 15 to 20 minutes chills the tissues without the risk of tissue temperatures getting low enough to risk additional swelling from the cold or damage from freezing.
Connective tissue and related disorders: These disorders of the body's immune, or defense system are related to the connective tissues of the body (connective tissues include mucous, fibrous, fat, cartilage and bone tissues which support body structures and bind body parts together).
According to physician Bernard Nathanson, who once ran one of the largest abortion clinics in the world and is now an avid prolife activist, fetal tissue is desirable because it can flourish even in an aging recipient; its proximity to diseased cells helps them regenerate; it matures and functions as healthy adult cells would, and it is not likely to be destroyed by the adult immune system.