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kick the tires

To inspect or test something or someone to ensure that he, she, or it meets the required or expected standard of quality. Primarily heard in US, Canada. You should always kick the tires of anything you plan to buy from someone online, or else you might end up buying a piece of junk! The boss always assigns difficult projects as a way of kicking the tires of new employees. We should hire a few interns to kick the tires on this app before we release it to the public.
See also: kick, tire

kick tires

To examine or inspect a second-hand car or cars for possible purchase; to shop for used cars in general. I always loved going to used car lots with my dad while he went around kicking tires. Our old van finally broke down, so I'm heading out this weekend to kick some tires.
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never tire of (something)

To never stop enjoying some activity or endeavor. Often said sarcastically of someone who likes to do something to an irritating degree. I'll never tire of our long hikes each weekend, Sandra. She never tires of reminding us about her amazing year abroad in London.
See also: never, of, tire

pump (up) (one's) tires

1. Literally, to use a pump to add air to one's tires, as on a vehicle or bicycle. Aw man, my tire light's on again. Guess I'll have to stop and pump my tires. Make sure you pump up your tires before you go on any long bike rides!
2. informal To give one praise, compliments, or encouragement. Blake's been pretty down, so I hung out with him and tried to pump his tires a bit. I don't know if hearing what a great kid he is helped, but I tried. A: "Your presentation was just wonderful." B: "Thanks, but there's no need to pump up my tires. I tried my best, and that's all I can do."
See also: pump, tire

spare tire

1. A layer of excess fat around one's midsection. I think I need to lay off the junk food, because this spare tire of mine is getting a bit out of hand.
2. An unhelpful, unnecessary, unproductive, or unwanted person in a group. There are a few spare tires on this project who are really holding back our progress. Ever since John's girlfriend started hanging out with us, it's left me feeling like a spare tire.
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tire fire

slang A complete and utter disaster or a completely chaotic situation, so-called because a fire involving tires can quickly become uncontrollable and is very difficult to extinguish. The phrase can be applied to both situations and people. As you might imagine, a 17-1 loss was a total tire fire. That intern spilled coffee on himself yesterday and accidentally laminated his tie today. He's a total tire fire.
See also: fire, tire

tire kicker

1. One who examines or inspects a second-hand car or cars, often without really intending to buy anything. Primarily heard in Australia. This guy isn't a serious buyer, he's just a tire kicker.
2. One who wastes another's time. We need serious candidates for this position, so make sure to eliminate any tire kickers.
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tire of (someone or something)

To lose interest in or patience with someone or something. He always tires of his toys after a few months, so we sell them online. I tired of working in finance and decided to pursue a career in writing.
See also: of, tire

tire out

To exhaust, fatigue, or deplete the energy of someone or an animal. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tire" and "out." These long meetings are starting to tire out the staff. Our new puppy has so much energy that I have to take him for a run each day to tire him out.
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spare tire

1. a thickness in the waist; a roll of fat around one's waist. I've got to get rid of this spare tire. The spare tire started when I was twenty-six.
2. an unneeded person; an unproductive person. Gary is a spare tire. Send him home. You spare tires over there! Get to work.
See also: spare, tire

tire of someone or something

to grow weary of someone or something. She tired of him and left him. I am beginning to tire of the furniture in the living room.
See also: of, tire

tire out

to become exhausted. I tire out easily. When I had the flu, I found that I tired out easily.
See also: out, tire

tire someone out

to exhaust someone. The extra work tired him out a lot. Too much work will tire out the horses.
See also: out, tire
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spare tire

Fat around one's middle, as in He's determined to lose ten pounds and that spare tire he's acquired. This expression transfers the term for an extra tire carried in cars in case of a flat tire to excess fat around the waist. [Colloquial; mid-1900s]
See also: spare, tire
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never tire of doing something

do something a lot, especially in a way that annoys people: He went to Harvard — as he never tires of reminding us.
See also: never, of, something, tire
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tire of

To have one's interest or patience exhausted by something or someone: Soon after the semester started, I tired of the boring morning lectures. My parents never tired of giving me unwanted advice.
See also: of, tire

tire out

To deplete the strength or energy of someone or something; fatigue someone or something: Traveling always tires me out. The long ride tired out the horses.
See also: out, tire
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spare tire

1. n. a thickness in the waist; a roll of fat around one’s waist. The spare tire started when I was twenty-six.
2. n. an unneeded person; an unproductive person. Gary is a spare tire. Send him home.
See also: spare, tire
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