tip your hand

tip (one's) hand

To reveal one's intentions, plans, secrets, or resources. An allusion to letting someone else see the cards one is currently holding (one's "hand"). The foreign leader has definitely tipped his hand when it comes to his country's position in the negotiations. Remember not to tip your hand when you go into the meeting.
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tip your hand (or mitt)

reveal your intentions inadvertently. US informal
This expression is the opposite of keep your cards close to your chest (see card).
1966 Martin Woodhouse Tree Frog We couldn't very well oppose it without tipping our hand.
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(Note: if you're desperate to leave your current job, don't tip your hand, as it will weaken your position in negotiations.)
You don't need to watch poker on TV to know that it's never wise to tip your hand.
It's never a good idea to tip your hand before you have a genuine offer, the piece of paper that makes it a done deal.
If you suspect that an employee is committing fraud, carry out a quick (and quiet!) check on your own, bearing in mind that too much digging may tip your hand and the perpetrator may destroy crucial evidence.