tip with

tip with (something)

To leave something as a gratuity (to someone). A noun or pronoun can be used between "tip" and "with" to specify who is receiving the gratuity. I once had a customer tip me with a coupon for a free session at his self-help seminar. I tipped with a $20 bill. Is that enough?
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tip someone with something

to pay a tip of a certain amount to someone. I tipped the headwaiter with a twenty or we would still be waiting. How much did you tip the waitress with?
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The scientists first navigate a tungsten tip into a controlled crash, which coats the tip with atoms from the crystalline silver substrate.
For example, the Rockwell hardness scales are distinguished by the amount of static force applied (e.g., 100kg for Rockwell B compared to 150kg for Rockwell C); the tip shape (e.g., a spherical tip with a diameter of 1.6 mm for Rockwell B compared to a conical tip that has a spherical apex with a radius of 200 [micro]m for Rockwell C); and the tip material (e.g., steel for Rockwell B compared to diamond for Rockwell C) [1].
In a concurring opinion, two of the justices noted that an anonymous tip with certain features or in certain situations may make it more reliable, justifying police action.