tip the scales

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tip the scale(s)

To upset the balance of a situation, such that one side or element is favored or gains advantage. The two candidates are so close in the polls that both are vying for something that will tip the scale in their favor. The immense interconnectivity of social media has tipped the scales of power somewhat back into the hands of the ordinary population.
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tip (or turn) the scales (or balance)

(of a circumstance or event) be the deciding factor; make the critical difference.
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tip the ˈbalance/ˈscales

(also swing the ˈbalance) be the reason that finally causes somebody to do something or something to happen in one way rather than another: They were both very good candidates for the job but she had more experience and that tipped the balance.
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tip the scales

1. To register weight (at a certain amount).
2. To offset the balance of a situation.
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tip/turn the scales, to

To change the balance slightly so as to favor one side. The idea was expressed as long ago as Aristotle’s Politics (ca. 340 b.c.), in which he wrote “The addition of the middle class turns the scale and prevents either of the extremes from being dominant” (Benjamin Jowett translation, ca. 1875). Jowett’s wording may have been influenced by William Wordsworth’s “Ode” (1815): “Thy presence turns the scale of doubtful fight, / Tremendous God of battles, Lord of Hosts!”
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However, when the team used another model, which they claim is less applicable, they found that the body could tip the scales at a weight up to 42 times that of Jupiter.
Due to long lines, this region was one of the last to weigh in to the state's total and tip the scales in the incumbent's favor.
Garry Lyon's Australians have won the last two series both in Dublin and Down Under, but former Down chief McGrath has shuffled the traditional deck in a bid to tip the scales.
If they read this article it may give them the confidence to tip the scales and make the wholesale changes the club desperately needs.
Parachuting in a million laptops, fun as it might be, especially if they come with solitaire, probably won't tip the scales against the mountain of disease, mayhem, and poverty.
"It's not just their length"--totaling 5.3 km (3.3 mi)--"but their weight." The cables will tip the scales at 166,500 tons--more than half the bridge's total mass.