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"Now, that," declared Tip, proudly, "is really a very fine man, and it ought to frighten several screeches out of old Mombi!
To find clothing seemed no easy task; but Tip boldly ransacked the great chest in which Mombi kept all her keepsakes and treasures, and at the very bottom he discovered some purple trousers, a red shirt and a pink vest which was dotted with white spots.
There are equipment, which have been introduced to protect the tips of the endoscopes.
He said TIP was our asset where we can run many businesses through it and generate revenue for country's benefit and development.
According to the widely-used travel platform Skyscanner, waiters and waitresses in these countries expect good service to be rewarded with tips of 5 to 10 percent.
The tipping feature will be optional and riders and eaters will be given optional tip values as well as an option to customise an amount for their driver.
We paid our $15-fare plus a $4 tip and got ready to go into the airport.
The counsel Shoaib Shaheen told the court during the hearing of the case that TIP stands closed practically.
Ovation Tips was founded by business travelers who have been established with a goal to lessen the hassles of tip processing and professional service management.
"I used to enjoy my job as a server because almost five out of 10 customers you have served, would tip you," said Waguma, a Ugandan national.
USA tip 20 per cent Famous for its tipping culture, when travelling to the United States a substantial tip is expected.
One is to pay tipped workers the federal minimum tipped wage of $2.13 - as long as employers opt for a "tip credit" in which employers promise that the money made in tips will amount to minimum wage or higher.
Customer Perspective--Many if not most, customers tip based on the quality of the service received from the server.
Again, participation in a true tip pool is supposed to be only tipped employees, meaning those who receive the tips directly from the customer.