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tinsel teeth

slang The mouth of someone who has dental braces. Also used as a mocking nickname. I never used to smile for photos when I was in middle school because I hated the way my tinsel teeth looked. Nice smile, tinsel teeth! Don't get too close to any magnets, or your face'll get stuck!
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Adorned or tinged with slight streaks of grey or silver, like tinsel. Her hair had become a bit tinseled, but she otherwise looked the same as she did back in 1995. The fabric is tinseled with tiny silver threads to make it stand out to the eye a little bit more.
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mod. forged or decorated, as with a bad check. (Underworld.) He almost got caught kiting tinseled checks.
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n. a nickname for someone who wears dental braces. (Also a rude nickname.) Well, tinsel-teeth, today’s the day your braces come off.
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The golden star of tinsel was still on the top of the Tree, and glittered in the sunshine.
The lama, very straight and erect, the deep folds of his yellow clothing slashed with black in the light of the parao fires precisely as a knotted tree-trunk is slashed with the shadows of the low sun, addressed a tinsel and lacquered ruth which burned like a many-coloured jewel in the same uncertain light.
This miniature theater was not much bigger than a man's coffin stood on end; the upper part was open and displayed a tinseled parlor--a good-sized handkerchief would have answered for a drop-curtain; the footlights consisted of a couple of candle-ends an inch long; various manikins the size of dolls appeared on the stage and made long speeches at each other, gesticulating a good deal, and they generally had a fight before they got through.
It was offered to one of Victoria's sons, and afterwards to various other younger sons of royalty who had no thrones and were out of business, but they all had the charity to decline the dreary honor, and veneration enough for Greece's ancient greatness to refuse to mock her sorrowful rags and dirt with a tinsel throne in this day of her humiliation--till they came to this young Danish George, and he took it.
Such magnificence and wealth as was displayed in this palace was more than he had ever dreamed of, and he could scarcely believe that all the gorgeous glitter was real and not tinsel.
Here they could at least be once more in the country they loved, albeit of a milder and less heroic type, and a little degraded by the overlapping tinsel and scattered spangles of the palace.