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tinsel teeth

slang The mouth of someone who has dental braces. Also used as a mocking nickname. I never used to smile for photos when I was in middle school because I hated the way my tinsel teeth looked. Nice smile, tinsel teeth! Don't get too close to any magnets, or your face'll get stuck!
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Adorned or tinged with slight streaks of grey or silver, like tinsel. Her hair had become a bit tinseled, but she otherwise looked the same as she did back in 1995. The fabric is tinseled with tiny silver threads to make it stand out to the eye a little bit more.
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mod. forged or decorated, as with a bad check. (Underworld.) He almost got caught kiting tinseled checks.
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n. a nickname for someone who wears dental braces. (Also a rude nickname.) Well, tinsel-teeth, today’s the day your braces come off.
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