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mod. forged or decorated, as with a bad check. (Underworld.) He almost got caught kiting tinseled checks.
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n. a nickname for someone who wears dental braces. (Also a rude nickname.) Well, tinsel-teeth, today’s the day your braces come off.
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And he looked forward with joy to the morrow, when he hoped to be decked out again with lights, playthings, fruits, and tinsel.
The golden star of tinsel was still on the top of the Tree, and glittered in the sunshine.
Cats absolutely love tinsel because of its shine and easiness to play with and carry around.
The tinsel, as we called it, was made of thin strips of aluminium.
And there are now plans to make the Tinsel Tractor Run an annual event to raise money for charity.
From tinsel to trifle, the trappings of the festive period represent many potential hazards for indoor pets and owners are being urged to recognise the dangers this year to reduce the thousands of incidents vets across the country have to deal with during Christmas.
IT'S Christmas all year around in a Valleys village where an army of Santa's Little Helpers make miles of tinsel, millions of decorations and enough wrapping paper to reach the moon.
Tinsel, one of two deer bought for PS3000 by Paul McRoberts, leapt a 6ft fence and galloped away.
Tinsel, one of two reindeer bought for PS3,000 by Paul McRobert, leapt a 6ft fence and galloped away.
Jauntily placed baubles and tinsel at the ready, then
In modern usage, tinsel means ornament, a chain of it, with the capacity to refract light.
The six-month-old Staff-ie, who was wearing a pink diamante collar, is now being cared for by the RSPCA where staff have named her Tinsel.
Torquay Turkey & Tinsel 13 December 2013 4 days from PS139 Christmas doesn't have to come but once a year when you join our popular Turkey and Tinsel break on the English Riviera.
00 Rhine Valley Turkey &Tinsel Cruise Departs 12 November 2013 Whoever said that Christmas comes but once a year obviously has not experienced our Turkey & Tinsel cruise
TINSEL and trees have been banished as a Tyneside visitor attraction gears up for Christmas.