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tinsel teeth

slang The mouth of someone who has dental braces. Also used as a mocking nickname. I never used to smile for photos when I was in middle school because I hated the way my tinsel teeth looked. Nice smile, tinsel teeth! Don't get too close to any magnets, or your face'll get stuck!
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Adorned or tinged with slight streaks of grey or silver, like tinsel. Her hair had become a bit tinseled, but she otherwise looked the same as she did back in 1995. The fabric is tinseled with tiny silver threads to make it stand out to the eye a little bit more.
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mod. forged or decorated, as with a bad check. (Underworld.) He almost got caught kiting tinseled checks.
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n. a nickname for someone who wears dental braces. (Also a rude nickname.) Well, tinsel-teeth, today’s the day your braces come off.
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In 2008, Gideon joined the cast of the MNET TV series, Tinsel and has been a regular to date.
By the 1830s, as interest in the craze grew, booksellers, print dealers and stationers began selling kits containing pre-cut tinsel, leather and feather ornaments to decorate watercolour or printed images.
Titania Queen of the Fairies, a tinsel print published by A.Park, dated 1838, one of six in a lot est.
She said: "I know I am certainly thinking of adding a tinsel necklace to my jumper this year!
But that should not stop you getting out the sticky-back plastic, detangling the tinsel and having a go at some Blue Peter Christmas crafts.
Xmas Cards YOU WILL NEED: Envelopes; card; glue; short pieces of green tinsel; scraps of foil (sweet papers and bottle tops will do); glitter.
Tinsel time Forget tinsel on your Christmas tree - for Festive Footwear Day this December 14 why not attach it to your shoes?
The department store has proudly announced it is once again the first in the world to unveil its Christmas section - 145 days ahead of the event itself - with shelves already loaded with tinsel, glitter and baubles decorated in the hues of a frosty morning.
Determined walkers donned their tinsel and Santa hats to take part in a fun festive walk.
WHAT YOU'LL NEED * 2 silver tinsel backdrops (grab them at a party store) * 2 curtains * fishing line *pushpins, tacks or gaffer's tape (found at Home Depot) * floor pillows
And if I'm getting the tinsel out of the box, I might as well get out the wreath and the stockings.
The word "tinsel" follows the lumen-eyed jaguar of the epigraph.
Perry, DVM, Ph.D., was packing her car to head home for the holidays, her cat Chester began vomiting wads of tinsel. When she called the veterinary college to have Chester examined, her roommate mentioned that she had seen Chester pulling strands of tinsel from the tree and eating them--she even took photographs.
Never hang tinsel decorations from the ceiling and avoid covering the tree in tinsel garlands, for fear of overdoing it.