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mod. forged or decorated, as with a bad check. (Underworld.) He almost got caught kiting tinseled checks.
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n. a nickname for someone who wears dental braces. (Also a rude nickname.) Well, tinsel-teeth, today’s the day your braces come off.
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New Delhi [India], Jan 19 ( ANI ): Tinsel Town celebs who attended the "Shalom Bollywood" event held in Mumbai on Thursday evening were all praises for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Renfrewshire Walking Network held their 13th annual Tinsel Walk around Castle Semple loch in Lochwinnoch.
It manufactures its own tinsel at its premises in Cwmbran and produces more than 80,000 metres of tinsel a day in full production, to an annual total of 12 million metres.
String up the tinsel backdrop at one end of the hall, using either gaffer's tape (which shouldn't remove paint
Tinsel - the Speedster Deer is a bit shy around others, since he is smaller than most reindeer.
It was decorated with a few strands of tinsel and the tree, with no lights, provided the backdrop for the annual carol concert.
Even though Christmas decorations are now less about foliage and more about baubles and tinsel, people still feel uneasy about the superstition.
And if I'm getting the tinsel out of the box, I might as well get out the wreath and the stockings.
The tinsel, as we called it, was made of thin strips of aluminium.
Tinsel, one of two deer bought for PS3000 by Paul McRoberts, leapt a 6ft fence and galloped away.
Jauntily placed baubles and tinsel at the ready, then
In modern usage, tinsel means ornament, a chain of it, with the capacity to refract light.
When she called the veterinary college to have Chester examined, her roommate mentioned that she had seen Chester pulling strands of tinsel from the tree and eating them--she even took photographs.
00 Rhine Valley Turkey &Tinsel Cruise Departs 12 November 2013 Whoever said that Christmas comes but once a year obviously has not experienced our Turkey & Tinsel cruise