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Mr Tinker told the ECHO: "I've had to shut down the restaurant through no fault of my own and that's all I want to say.
Burke's final three chapters concern inscriptions of Irish tinkers and Travellers in texts since Synge and the Revival.
Burke's scholarly acumen is such that she pays attention to mid-twentieth-century Ireland's lively amateur-dramatic scene, which favored plays where shifty, intimidating tinkers and tramps contrast with rural kitchen-table values.
Chapter 5, "Irish Writing after Traveller Politicization," addresses the replacement of the stage tinker by more sensitive, evenhanded depictions of the Traveller.
Results showed Furnace Run and Yellow Creek to have greater Index of Biotic Integrity scores (48 and 40 respectively) than the Tinkers Creek sites (32, 22 and 24).
The Tinkers Creek watershed is more developed and shows the long-term impacts associated with channel disturbance and altered adjacent land use patterns.
The Tinker Web Series is currently under development by Steampunk Partners in association with Containment Field, and Harbinger Media Group.
Mr Tinker rented the bottom floor of a building for his restaurant and told the ECHO problems began when the owner went into receivership and the building was taken over by someone else.
Mr Tinker, from Banks, near Southport, said: "I've just had to cut my losses and call it a day.
The restaurant, on the resort's iconic Lord Street, was forced to close four times in four weeks, leaving Mr Tinker having to cancel bookings and turn customers away.
If as Christopher Murray argues, modern Irish drama held a mirror up to the Irish nation, the treatment of tinkers serves as a barometer of the aspirations and anxieties of Irish writers, their society and nation at specific moments in history.
Indeed, one means of distinguishing tinkers from the rest of Ireland's population might look to linguistic practices of Irish travellers.
Mayhew also insisted on identifying tinkers as a distinct ethnic or even racial category.
CHEERS: Jay Tinker and his partner Laura at the opening of Tinkers earlier this year
Tinker said she acted in self-defence after he threatened her with an iron, but the jury convicted her of murder.