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tinge (something) with (something)

1. Literally, to tint something with a small or faint trace of color. Often used in passive constructions. The painter tinged the landscape with a shade of red that gave the painting a more ominous and solemn atmosphere. His hair has become tinged with white from the stress of his job.
2. By extension, to impart or imbue some faint or slight element, property, characteristic, etc. The director has made the wise choice of tinging his latest drama with comedy to keep the audience from becoming totally overwhelmed by the heavy subject matter. The actor's acceptance speech was tinged with sadness because of the recent death of her husband.
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tinge something with something

to give something a bit of the character, color, state of mind, light, etc., of something. The dust in the air had tinged the sunset with orange. The evening air was tinged with the smell of jasmine.
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Now we see only a dark tinge that is left behind," said an eyewitness.
England batsman Alastair Cook has acknowledged a "tinge of disappointment" after scoring a career-best 294 on the third day of the third Test against India on Friday.
For instance, the composition illustrating Jelly Roll Morton's style combines elements from his solo piano excursions (such as his 1938 recording of "Maple Leaf Rag") and New Orleans ensemble pieces (like "Dead Man Blues"), bouncing between Morton's characteristic "Spanish Tinge" and a Johnson-esque stride.
"It's important to keep in mind that not every idea will work every tinge it is used," said Assistant National Membership Director Andre D.
In other words, someone summed up (with maybe just a tinge of flourish), it's a great escape from reality, but it's still completely relevant to everyday life.
"I like sunbathing because I get a nice crispy golden tinge," said Lucy.
the plumage has a green tinge." Bangalore Institute researchers quickly followed up by proposing to insert chameleon genes into elephants, to render them "less vulnerable to poaching."
Lieberman would appeal to the highly religious of all faiths, and help the Democrats shake off their secularist tinge.
Boucher occasionally suggests a pre-Revolutionary tinge to the challenges to monarchy during the Wars of Religion; although by the end of the book, she finds that the political and social edifice created by the Valois did survive these challenges.
Of course, I've been called a humorist myself, and am well aware of its pejorative tinge, much like the term "talent" in a contract.
These particles remain only briefly in the water, giving water a slightly rusty tinge, but is completely safe to drink.
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