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time (out)

Stop everything for just a minute! "Hey, stop a minute! Time out!" yelled Mary as the argument grew in intensity. Right in the middle of the discussion, Alice said, "Time!" Then she announced that dinner was ready.
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The third Webinar, scheduled for January 10, 2007, is entitled "Evolution in Timing and Synchronization Technologies - Key Emerging Timing Standards and Protocols for Next-Generation Network Infrastructure and Services.
Blue Pearl Software's Cobalt Timing Constraint Generation quickly identifies false and multi-cycle paths in full chip designs and chip modules specified at the register-transfer-level (RTL) in synthesizable Verilog.
Cobalt Timing Constraint Generation generates industry-standard SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA) and Property Specification Language (PSL) assertions.
Magma's signoff-quality analysis tools for extraction, timing and noise integrate with, and complement, Magma's RTL-to-GDSII flow using Blast Fusion.
Quartz Time is a standalone timing plus noise signoff analysis product that shares its timing engine with Blast Fusion QT and its noise engine with Blast Noise.
The XL-750 provides accurate, GPS referenced timing signals that feature high electrical isolation to insure reliable operation.
About Symmetricom's Timing, Test and Measurement Division
These four new option modules significantly enhance the XLi's suite of features and functions to provide a powerful single instrument solution," commented Ron Holm, product marketing manager of Symmetricom's Timing, Test and Measurement Division.
The XLi GPS Option module is an upgrade to the existing GPS module which improves time-to-lock and supports Timing Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (TRAIM).
The modular ultra precision Model XLi Time and Frequency System is a versatile and flexible solution for timing and synchronization requirements, and the new options - Frequency Measurement, Time Interval/Event Timing, and Programmable Pulse Output - adds to its versatility.
One of the great design benefits of the XLi is that a company can customize it to fit to their specific application needs," says Ron Holm, Product Marketing Manager of Symmetricom's Timing, Test and Measurement Division.
Sridhar, Cradle Technologies' vice president of hardware development, says: "Time Director has proven to be an effective tool for identifying timing issues during RTL code development.
It offers fast and accurate RTL timing analysis, an interactive RTL debug environment, physical floorplan generation from RTL, and chip assembly tools for block assembly, power routing, and I/O placement.