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1. A person who is older in age. Often used as a term of address. Hey, old-timer—let me help you carry those! There are a few old-timers who come into the restaurant every morning like clockwork.
2. Someone who has a lot of experience in some activity, field, or profession (whether or not they are actually elderly). Often used as a term of address. I'm giving you a desk next to Martin. He's an old-timer in the company, and he'll help show you the ropes.


n. an old person; an old man. (Also a term of address.) Ask that old-timer over there if it has always been this bad around here.


n. one who deceives one’s lover. Sam just isn’t my idea of the typical two-timer.
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USA], Nov 1 (ANI): Traffic signal countdown timers are helping in keeping young drivers safe on the road, a recent study has revealed.
When the timer expires, all but the CDN TM30 have a chirping alarm that's loud and penetrating, but quite high pitched and likely to be missed in cockpit din with noise-cancelling headsets.
The SPT Series represents a modern timer distribution system that is easy to deploy and easy to use, filling the hole left by vendors who no longer serve this space while evolving production timers for the network," said Reimund Baeuerle, Co-managing Director, Plura Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of Plura Broadcast.
The overrun feature on this timer operates in a unique way.
He admitted that canceling the timers contributed to the rise in traffic violations by motorists, mostly because the motorists are confused about the time left to takeoff or stop, thus they fall victims to traffic cameras.
If you are not on iOS, acclux timer is already available for download at Google Play for Android devices and it's expected to be available for windows Phone later this month.
My old timer would give a start beep, and record the time of the last shot fired.
With loud alarms, last count recall and flexible mounting options, these digital timers are brilliantly designed and attuned to the fast-paced world of food service.
In reality, the boiler is running inefficiently because of the timer, wasting energy and costing more money," says Edward Winiarski, president of OAS, Inc.
Music students can record their practice time at the touch of a button, and a programmable countdown timer with alarm alerts students when the practice session is over.
The products were made by German firm GE Grasslin, which is now contacting its distributors and electrical contractors to trace and recall each timer.
Further, the new support for an interrupt, timers and general purpose I/O greatly expands the capabilities," stated Bob Cantwell, director of ASIC/FPGA Engineering at Ceterus Networks.
Employing a timer helps regulate temperature while saving money.
The series includes four modules; DaqScan/2001 with 16 analog inputs, four analog out-puts, 40 digital I/O, four frequency inputs, and two timer outputs; DaqScan/2002 with 40 digital I/O, four frequency inputs, and two timer inputs; DaqScan/2004 with four analog outputs, 40 digital I/O, four frequency inputs, and two timer outputs; and DaqScan/2005 with 16 analog inputs, 40 digital I/O, four frequency inputs, and two timer outputs.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-24 January 2003-Finnish shopping centre bomb had timer - report(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.