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n. an old person; an old man. (Also a term of address.) Ask that old-timer over there if it has always been this bad around here.


n. one who deceives one’s lover. Sam just isn’t my idea of the typical two-timer.
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The timers must be re-installed soon at all traffic signals already provided with Saher system," he said.
Although Testing Timers makes no claim that its watches are approved or endorsed by ACT, the products do not make noise nor vibrate, and are encrypted so that they can't be converted into "smart watches.
There is a clear public perception that countdown timers are safer than regular pedestrian crossings and many people would like them used at more locations," he said.
Electric timers often are linked to home protection and energy conservation.
Remove the timer from the hose bibb if temperatures drop below 320.
Police say he was killed when the timer kicked in and his body was flooded with electricity.
No spacewalks had been scheduled for the mission, and shuttle officials were reluctant anyway to send an astronaut across to hand-flip a lever that would ignite a rocket motor, particularly if the presumably faulty timer might set it off with no 45-minute getaway time.
Delivering a new level of simplicity and efficiency to residential lawns and gardens this summer, Rain Bird's Electronic Garden Hose Sprinkler Timer instantly converts ordinary outdoor hose faucets into automated water saving sprinkler systems that deliver greener results with less water.
In keeping with the company's mission to help students, Testing Timers offers its revolutionary new watches at an affordable price: The aTest Timer model for the ACT is just $45.
In response to Mr Ali Kazerooni 'You are confused' (GDN, July 16), with countdown timers I've seen back in India the timer starts immediately after the signal goes green and changes to amber/red when it reaches zero.
Advantix 4 Button Seven-Day Digital Timer, pounds 4.
For household missions and specific jobs, the timer is set.
Consequently, the Heat Computer only runs when temperatures inside the building fall below a comfortable level, about 6-10 hours per day, whereas a regular timer can run as many as 18-24 hours a day, even if the temperature inside has remained constant.
All H8/38004 MCUs provide an on-chip LCD controller, asynchronous event counter, 8-bit timer, 16-bit timer, 2-channel 10-bit pulse width modulation (PWM) timer, watchdog timer, 4-channel 10-bit A/D converter, serial communication interface, clock oscillator, 32 kilohertz (KHz) sub-clock oscillator and interrupt controller.
Installed as a standard part in most models of Bunn coffee and tea equipment, this universal digital timer allows the brew time to be set by pressing and holding a switch until the desired brew level is reached.