time to run

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(It's) time to run.

 and (It's) time to move along.; (It's) time to push along.; (It's) time to push off.; (It's) time to split.
Inf. an announcement of one's desire or need to depart. (See also (I) have to shove off and (It's) time to hit the road for an illustration of other possible variations.) Andy: Time to push off. I've got to get home. Henry: See you, dude. John: It's time to split. I've got to go. Sue: Okay. See you tomorrow.
See also: run, time
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Around 100 pupils combed the beach in groups and collected 10 bags of litter, which they took the time to split into recycling and litter so that it could be disposed of by the council in the right way.
Q Can you explain why my peace lily produces green flowers instead of white, and also tell me the best time to split a peace lily?