time to run

(redirected from time to push off)

(It's) time to run.

 and (It's) time to move along.; (It's) time to push along.; (It's) time to push off.; (It's) time to split.
Inf. an announcement of one's desire or need to depart. (See also (I) have to shove off and (It's) time to hit the road for an illustration of other possible variations.) Andy: Time to push off. I've got to get home. Henry: See you, dude. John: It's time to split. I've got to go. Sue: Okay. See you tomorrow.
See also: run, time
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This is despite the fact that the driver told her each time to push off as he had a lot of roads to grit.
Then, when Paolo Di Canio - the elder and and more domineering of the partnership - decided it was time to push off, little Benito was left to fend for himself.
I just had time to push off on my dive but the pitch was dreadfully muddy because of all the rain and as I started to go to my right my feet slipped from under me.