time to go

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(it's) time to go

It is time to leave. Time to go, Tom. We don't want to miss our flight. Once people started getting so drunk that they were falling over themselves, I knew that it was about time to go. I have to be up early tomorrow, so it's time to go.
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(It's) time to go.

It is now time to leave. (Usually said by guests, but can be said by an adult to children who are guests.) Jane: Look at the clock! Time to go! John: Yup! I'm out of here too. Mother: It's four o'clock. The party's over. Time to go. Bill: I had a good time. Thank you.
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8) Athens, Greece - February is the cheapest time to go
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I say all praise to them for taking the time to go and vote, and the people who were treating them so badly should be thoroughly ashamed.
When they say it's too early, I think 'When is the right time to go up from the Championship?' It's always going to be a massive struggle because you're competing with teams spending unbelievable amounts of money.
When people think Charlie N'Zogbia and Shola Ameobi represent a bigger goal threat, it really is time to go.
Now, on their long way home from their adventures in India (The Game), Mary decides it is time to go to San Francisco and at last settle the business of her inheritance.
Additionally, there is a handwritten font for traditionalists who like the look of a traditional manuscript but don't have the time to go through the process.
He had been at America magazine seven years and he improved it tremendously; so I think he understood it was time to go" (NC Register, May 15, 2005).
Already a partner in a number of joint ventures in Manhattan, including a 75% stake in the Chrysler Building, TMW Property Funds--Prudential Real Estate's property fund management arm--decided it was time to go it alone for its $154 million acquisition of 1180 Avenue of the Americas on February 15.
We are quite disappointed it happened with so little time to go.''
She says she has to shop at Safeway because her busy daily routine doesn't allow her time to go anywhere else.
"They suggested it was now time to go back to the cathedral," recalled Archbishop Peers.
Paul since September to be with his daughter and wife, who works there--realized that with a solid infrastructure now established and a state-of-the-art facility completed, it was time to go. "Whenever you hypothesize that there's an appropriate moment, maybe the moment comes sooner, rather than later." He'll still be consultant to new Executive Director Marion K.
Spiegel reporter Bernhard Zand offers this verse from the song "The Doll" as representative of the group's veiled meanings: "I guess it's time to change the actor / I guess it's time to close this chapter / I guess it's time to go to the top / I guess it's time to say stop." For the record, the group's members wisely deny that their material is political.