time to catch breath

time to catch (one's) breath

1. An amount of time needed to resume breathing normally after some prolonged aerobic exercise. Can we stop for a couple minutes? I need a little time to catch my breath—I can't run as fast as you guys! Make sure you give yourself time to catch your breath during the marathon.
2. An amount of time in which one is at rest, either physically or mentally, in order to regain one's composure, become more organized, or begin thinking clearly again. There have been so many things going on all at once lately that I haven't had time to catch my breath! Once we all have a little time to catch our breath, we can start working out a plan for the distribution process.
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*time to catch one's breath

Fig. enough time to relax or behave normally. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give one ~.) When things slow down around here, I'll get time to catch my breath. Sally was so busy she didn't even have time to catch her breath.
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There was just enough time to catch breath when Lucas Torreira, another Gunners sub, was given a straight red card for a studs-up challenge on Danny Rose.
With little time to catch breath, along come the aubergines, courgettes, mushrooms with egg and halloumi.
"Well the short course is a bit easier!" With barely time to catch breath Fran then heads to Glasgow for the Duel in the Pool, where she is one of 12 British swimmers joining the cream of Europe to Mersey swimming ace heads to Denmark in form as she looks to put disappointments of London behind her in quest for Rio medal take on the USA's best.
There was barely time to catch breath as Sigurdarson rounded off another fine move which saw Ward, Ebanks-Blake and Sako heavily involved.
Gnakpa said: "There has been no time to catch breath - I signed my contract on Thursday and flew straight here.
Posh fans had had no time to catch breath when Boyd stole clear down the left and his cut back into the area found Mackail-Smith, whose low shot took a slight deflection off Kay and spun away from Bennett inside the far post.
There was barely time to catch breath before Arsenal stormed up the other end.
There was barely time to catch breath, as National III North title-chasing Fylde drew first blood in the opening minute with a penalty from their free-scoring fly-half Steve Nutt, who was to finish with a personal haul of 24 points.
There was barely time to catch breath before she and Bayley were legging it to the Asda Living store where she chose toys and clothes for Bayley - including her favourite High School Musical pom poms - a blouse for herself, a lampshade and more bedding.
"Although he takes representing his country very seriously indeed, David has barely had time to catch breath over the past 10 months and he clearly needs a rest."
Eleven versus nine in our favour for 50 minutes tells me there should only be one winner, and after that opening half there was hardly any time to catch breath.
`I'll have the liver, please' LAW AND ORDER (C5, 9.50pm): THERE'S hardly ever any time to catch breath during an episode of Law and Order, such is the pace of the programming - and tonight is no different.
In fact so dazzling was the line-up that you hardly had time to catch breath as the icons and the family favourites rolled by.
And MacDonald revealed he had barely had time to catch breath between the birth of his new son and Saturday's contest.