time of life

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the time of (one's) life

An extremely fun, exciting, or enjoyable time (doing something). I traveled to France for the first time last summer, and I had the time of my life! A: "Did the kids enjoy the circus?" B: "Oh, they had the time of their lives!"
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time of (one's) life

A highly pleasurable experience: We had the time of our lives at the beach.
See also: life, of, time
References in classic literature ?
I am as well as I can expect to be, my lady, at my time of life.
It is a poor thought that at my time of life I should be advising you to choose the safe and shameful; and I take it back with an apology.
The necessity of the measure in a pecuniary light, and the hope of its utility to his son, reconciled Sir Thomas to the effort of quitting the rest of his family, and of leaving his daughters to the direction of others at their present most interesting time of life.
I do not think, either," the detective continued, "that at my time of life I should care to go so far from home to settle down in an altogether strange country,.
The long interval that had elapsed since the birth of her last child; the serious illness which had afflicted her after the death of that child in infancy; the time of life at which she had now arrived -- all inclined her to dismiss the idea as soon as it arose in her mind.
To begin with, he was more than five years older than myself at a time of life when five years really do count, I being twenty-nine and he thirty-four; then, on our first leaving port (I don't see why I should make a secret of the fact that it was Bangkok), a bit of manoeuvring of mine amongst the islands of the Gulf of Siam had given him an unforgettable scare.
No second attachment, the only thoroughly natural, happy, and sufficient cure, at her time of life, had been possible to the nice tone of her mind, the fastidiousness of her taste, in the small limits of the society around them.
I do not believe that in the whole course of my reading, and not even in the early moment of my literary enthusiasms, I have known such utter satisfaction in any writer, and this supreme joy has come to me at a time of life when new friendships, not to say new passions, are rare and reluctant.
Do you know, count, that persons of our time of life -- not that you belong to the class, you are still a young man, -- but as I was saying, persons of our time of life have been very unfortunate this year.