time of life

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time of (one's) life

A highly pleasurable experience: We had the time of our lives at the beach.
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You are entering upon a time of life," pursued the priest, "when you must choose your path and keep to it.
No second attachment, the only thoroughly natural, happy, and sufficient cure, at her time of life, had been possible to the nice tone of her mind, the fastidiousness of her taste, in the small limits of the society around them.
Take him for all in all, we ne'er shall - in short, make the acquaintance, probably, of anybody else possessing, at his time of life, the same legs for gaiters, and able to read the same description of print, without spectacles.
Appealed to on this point, the doctors had declared that at Blanche's critical time of life they could not sanction her going to India with her mother.
Now there's Morgan le Fay, as fresh and young as a Vassar pullet, to all appearances, and here is this old duke of the South Marches still slashing away with sword and lance at his time of life, after raising such a family as he has raised.
One might suppose that he had passed the time of life when his ambitions were personal, or that he had gratified them as far as he was likely to do, and now employed his considerable acuteness rather to observe and reflect than to attain any result.
He told me, in return, that he wondered I had arrived at my time of life, without knowing that a doctor's skin was waterproof.
People's eyes, at my time of life, don't improve with age, sir.
A body 'd think you WOULD learn to take some sort of care of 'em at your time of life.
This is a new kind of duty to take on--at my time of life.