time is ripe

the time is ripe

Now is the best moment or most favorable time to do something. With prices so low, the time is ripe to buy up real estate in the city. Public sentiment is on our side. The time is ripe for revolution!
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time is ripe

Prov. It is the most favorable time to do something. You ought to buy a house this year. Prices are so low, and you have enough money saved for a down payment. The time is ripe. Since Joe was in a good mood, I judged that the time was ripe to ask him for the favor I needed.
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time is ripe

This is the right moment for something, as in The time is ripe for a revival of that play. Shakespeare used this term (and may have originated it) in 1 Henry IV (1:3): "Letters shall direct your course when time is ripe."
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the time is ˈripe (for somebody) (to do something)


the time is ˈripe for something/for doing something

(literary) it is the right time to do something: I think the time’s ripe for him to leave home if he wants to.The time is ripe for a change in this country.
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time is ripe, the

This is a suitable occasion or moment for a particular event. Time here is likened to fruit that has ripened and is ready to pick or eat. The term was already known in Shakespeare’s time. He used it in Henry IV, Part 1: “I by letters shall direct your course. When time is ripe, which will be suddenly, I’ll steal to Glendower and Lord Mortimer” (1.3).
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Playing outside the country in high profile league has been my dream and I believe the time is ripe for me to cross borders.
figure By DAVID MUCHUI Trade Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya has waded into the referendum debate, saying the time is ripe to amend the Constitution to reduce the cost of running the government.
I have always spoken the truth and the time is ripe to create and lead my own political party, she said at the time.
Maybe now the time is ripe to pay all large supermarkets a visit and take them to task; someone around here is making excessive profits out of the public during Ramadan.
But the time is ripe to push ahead.Aa I am convinced that these two leaders can achieve a mutually beneficial solution.For decades, the world has heard about the Cyprus problem.Aa Now is the time for the Cyprus solution.Aa The United Nations will continue to provide all the support we can.
Subject: The time is ripe for our Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) to invest locally.
Another reason the time is ripe for reform is that the coal industry is booming.
Were it possible I should write a humorous letter to the New York Times suggesting that the time is ripe for women to avail themselves of the late invention popularly called "test-tube babies"; but place in said " "s only the seed of peaceful males and let all the others go fully armed to a huge plain and annihilate each other.
The time is ripe for Sjolin, said Robin Sayetta, co-president of Ripe Ideas, Sjolin's licensing agent.
As the documentary form enjoys a renaissance, the time is ripe for a new version of Orson Welles' underrated masterpiece F for Fake, a tricky pseudo-documentary about a forger that revealed the hidden forgery in all filmmaking.
"The time is ripe for Lower Manhattan to take advantage of its waterfront that surrounds this community on three sides," said Carl Weisbrod, president, Alliance for Downtown New York.
After pressing as hard as possible for a better law, pro-lifers should have recognized the political realities and supported Bill C-43 as a stopgap measure aimed, in the words of Pope John Paul II, "at limiting the harm," until the time is ripe, as it one day will be, for introduction of more acceptable legislation.
We believe the time is ripe for bold action: The BPOL tax should be repealed.
Finally one can only hope that someone will take up her challenge that the time is ripe for a comparative study of popular humor in the 19th century.
I have tried hard with my past teams and I believe the time is ripe for me to win trophies.