time for

*time for someone or something

the time to deal with someone or something. (Often with the negative. *Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~; make ~; find ~.) I'm sorry, I don't have time for you today. I don't think I have time for a game of chess. I have time for one short game.
See also: time
References in classic literature ?
It also prevents the bodies of men from acquiring their full size if they marry before their growth is completed; for this is the determinate period, which prevents any further increase; for which reason the proper time for a woman to marry is eighteen, for a man thirty-seven, a little more or less; for when they marry at that time their bodies are in perfection, and they will also cease to have children at a proper time; and moreover with respect to the succession of the children, if they have them at the time which may reasonably be expected, they will be just arriving into perfection when their parents are sinking down under the load of seventy years.
I was shifted from place to place in it, and there was plenty of time for my day-dreams over the distribution of my case.
In order to get a perfect gradation between two forms in the upper and lower parts of the same formation, the deposit must have gone on accumulating for a very long period, in order to have given sufficient time for the slow process of variation; hence the deposit will generally have to be a very thick one; and the species undergoing modification will have had to live on the same area throughout this whole time.
They were not allowed much time for their adieus; the Rainbow vanished, and the Princess, resolved to run all risks, started off at once, taking nothing with her but her dog, her cat, a sprig of myrtle, and the stone which the wife of Locrinos gave her.
They wanted chiefly to be left alone; then if the man was in regular work life went easily and was not without its pleasures: there was plenty of time for gossip, after the day's work a glass of beer was very good to drink, the streets were a constant source of entertainment, if you wanted to read there was Reynolds' or The News of the World; `but there, you couldn't make out
This was the time for the rest of the Folk to have joined in.
As the most zealous adversaries of the plan of the convention in this State are, in general, not less zealous admirers of the constitution of the State, the question may be retorted, and it may be asked, Why was not a time for the like purpose fixed in the constitution of this State?
We find that the computed escape time for a particular set of initial conditions (momentum and position) does not generally stabilize as the time step parameter is reduced unless the escape time is short (less than approximately 10 s).
The proposal would also eliminate the use of the traditional RAR by combining it with the issuance of the 30-day letter and limit extensions of time for filing a protest.
We identify an inverse relationship between the average CFR and the average doubling time for different countries (Figure 2).
Allot so much time for a specified work; take the trouble to overlook personally for a few days.
For example, the cycle time for a minivan radiator end tank fell from 50 to 35 sec when P-20 mold cores were replaced with Moldmax BeCu from Brush Wellman Inc.
Choosing a constant cure time for the stillire mn yields the following trade-off between the number of reject parts and production efficiency.