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shiver me timbers

An exclamation of surprise. The phrase originated with sailors (as "shiver one's timbers" meant to destroy one's ship) and is usually used today in cartoonish portrayals of pirates. Well, shiver me timbers—I didn't think you were getting into town until tomorrow! You got cast as a pirate in the play? I bet you have one line—"Shiver me timbers!"
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take to the tall timber

To leave quickly and covertly. Primarily heard in US. I think Adam took to the tall timber—no one has seen or heard from him in weeks
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head for (the) tall timber

Rur. to run away and hide. When we heard Pa's angry bellow, we headed for the tall timber. The bank robbers headed for tall timber with their loot.
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tall timber(s)

some remote place in the country or the woods. Oh, Chuck lives out in the tall timbers somewhere. He only has a post office box number. You're not going to move me out into the tall timber somewhere!
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tall timbers

n. some remote well-forested place; the boondocks. Oh, Chuck lives out in the tall timbers somewhere. He only has a post office box number.
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While the extent of the mining operations in Tibet pales compared with the timbering there, mining is widespread and sure to expand as China depletes its own reserves of seven key minerals - all of which occur in Tibet - by the end of the decade.
Peter Scudamore, assistant trainer to Michael Scudamore, trainer of Some Timbering
If forest reserves were managed carefully - integrated into local economies and protected from grazing, poaching, and timbering - so that native forest could regrow, then they might once again shelter wildlife without resort to walls.
Buying and living in a barn conversion is something of an idyllic dream for many of us; a longing to lead a simple life within rustic stone walls often supported by sturdy ancient timbering, full of history and character.
Ballyagran, who scored on his debut over fences at the Listowel festival, followed up from Some Timbering in the 2m novice chase.
The report recommends steps to address the concurrent threats to the brook trout and the New England landscape including: strengthening air pollution laws; independent certification of sustainable timbering practices; expanding state and private land conservation purchases; and adoping wildlife management policies that promote wild and native species.
The terrace is a Monmouth landmark and the property has a Victorian addition that was originally a blacksmith's shop, and Tudor-style timbering.
The laws ensure that big-game hunting and other recreation should be given equal consideration to timbering in the management of the public's national forests.
NPCA contends that contaminants generated by mining activities could pollute surface streams and leach into aquifers, sterilizing them and affecting the plants and wildlife of a region already subjected to soil erosion and a decline in species diversity from past timbering.
Furthermore, due to extensive timbering of the backs of the crosscut, owing to bad ground conditions, the best parts of the system could not be accessed for channel sampling.
Replacing the entire bottom shell of the vessel, exchange sideplates from bilge to opasnice, exchange plating mirror correcting force cargo space, replacement of damaged lateral ribs, replacement of decks and beams, repair timbering cargo space, including a cover plate, replacement of the bottom rungs, repair abrasions, repair manholes and manhole covers, repair railings and front storku, repair facilities and anchor mooring rings, calibrating license renewal, renewal of equipment on board vessels in accordance with applicable legislation and restoration of the entire surface treatment of vessels, including the previous blast.
Highgate's owners have spent six years renovating the 17th century house, taking care to retain the original half timbering and inglenook fireplaces.
This project promises a roots-to-crown, bugs-to-birds view of how Ozark forestland will respond to different timbering strategies," said project coordinator Brian Brookshire.
Income is derived from these lands through leases, selective timbering by others, condemnation, sales, and other dispositions.