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shiver me timbers

An exclamation of surprise. The phrase originated with sailors (as "shiver one's timbers" meant to destroy one's ship) and is usually used today in cartoonish portrayals of pirates. Well, shiver me timbers—I didn't think you were getting into town until tomorrow! You got cast as a pirate in the play? I bet you have one line—"Shiver me timbers!"
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take to the tall timber(s)

To leave quickly and covertly. Primarily heard in US. I think Adam took to the tall timber—no one has seen or heard from him in weeks The foreign army swept into the country, brought down the dictatorship, then took to the tall timbers just as quickly.
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head for (the) tall timber

Rur. to run away and hide. When we heard Pa's angry bellow, we headed for the tall timber. The bank robbers headed for tall timber with their loot.
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tall timber(s)

some remote place in the country or the woods. Oh, Chuck lives out in the tall timbers somewhere. He only has a post office box number. You're not going to move me out into the tall timber somewhere!
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tall timbers

n. some remote well-forested place; the boondocks. Oh, Chuck lives out in the tall timbers somewhere. He only has a post office box number.
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While the extent of the mining operations in Tibet pales compared with the timbering there, mining is widespread and sure to expand as China depletes its own reserves of seven key minerals - all of which occur in Tibet - by the end of the decade.
Peter Scudamore, assistant trainer to Michael Scudamore, trainer of Some Timbering
If forest reserves were managed carefully - integrated into local economies and protected from grazing, poaching, and timbering - so that native forest could regrow, then they might once again shelter wildlife without resort to walls.
Ballyagran, who scored on his debut over fences at the Listowel festival, followed up from Some Timbering in the 2m novice chase.
Highgate's owners have spent six years renovating the 17th century house, taking care to retain the original half timbering and inglenook fireplaces.
The laws ensure that big-game hunting and other recreation should be given equal consideration to timbering in the management of the public's national forests.
NPCA contends that contaminants generated by mining activities could pollute surface streams and leach into aquifers, sterilizing them and affecting the plants and wildlife of a region already subjected to soil erosion and a decline in species diversity from past timbering. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the local branch of the Environmental Protection Agency have agreed that interchange among the region's waterflows is possible.
the subject of performance of the public contract is the performance of the following forestry activities - removal of the ovum pine by a cut in the forest stands - removal of the black pigeon flyout by cutting on the rocks, Including the cleaning of the carved mass using mountaineering techniques - jmp logging, Timbering, Handling and measurement of wood - jmp logging and timber measurement without branching - debarking - hand brush cleaning - manual cleaning of logs from hiking trails and their immediate surroundings
V2/803040236 Lithuania Producer of sawn timber and timbering equipment seeks representatives for commercial agreements.
"This project promises a roots-to-crown, bugs-to-birds view of how Ozark forestland will respond to different timbering strategies," said project coordinator Brian Brookshire.
in particular, the following partial services are to be provided: - be area including construction fence (about 1,400 m), gates, barriers and containers ag / bol / sanitary container erect / hold / dismantle, - construction roads / access roads maintained (about 6 500 m 2 ), set up / clearing out (about 2 700 m 2 ), winter service, - construction site clearing (timbering / clearing approx.
The beginners' chase witnessed a dramatic conclusion as Some Timbering came to the last in command, only to make a mistake that stopped him to a walk, which allowed the Philip Walsh-trained and Michael Darcy-ridden Jack The Hough to prevail.
Put another way, if the Supreme Court rules against Lucas's claim, wetland forest owners may face strict controls on their activities in wetlands, including timbering, without financial compensation for income they expected to get but did not.