tilt to

tilt to (something)

1. To lean or slope slightly in some direction or toward something. He tilted to the desk beside him and whispered something to his colleague. The crappy computer monitor doesn't even tilt to the right or left.
2. To cause something to lean or slope slightly in some direction or toward something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tilt" and "to." Would you mind tilting the screen to the left a little bit? I can't see it very clearly. She assumed a fighting stance and tilted her blade to a 45-degree angle.
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tilt to something

to lean or slant toward something or in a particular direction. The picture tilts to the left. Her head was tilted to the left because she was trying to see around the corner.
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For example, say your carrier is undersized and adjusting the tilt to get a uniform gap in the back imparts a forward tilt on the carrier.
AT&T said that the device has tri-band UMTS/HSDPA capabilities that allow the Tilt to operate in Japan and Korea, and provides customers access to over 135 countries in which AT&T offers UMTS, EDGE or GPRS international data roaming.
"We recognize that contemporary adults have many choices in today's competitive market, but we expect the versatility of Tilt to accommodate a wide range of drinking occasions that will help us maintain and grow our share of the alcohol category." Tilt will be sold in individual 16-ounce silver cans, containing 6.6, 6, or 4 percent alcohol by volume, depending on state laws.
As metal is poured from the box and into the mold via a nozzle, a laser sensor in the box "tells" the furnace when to tilt to maintain metal levels in the pour box.
Each ball has a niobium coating, which becomes a superconductor at liquid-helium temperatures and thus permits the balls to be suspended electrically and any tilt to be measured.