tilt back

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tilt something back

to move something so it leans back. Alice tilted her chair back and nearly fell over. She tilted back her chair and relaxed.
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The HRVCB commits to tilt back the scales of justice in favor of the victims by acknowledging the wrongs of the past towards healing the wounds of martial law," the board said in a statement on Sunday, the 42nd anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law.
The screen is designed to hold its brightness even under sunny outdoor conditions and the display panel can tilt back to 180 degrees and lock in at 110 degrees to provide a more solid touch-screen feel and is Windows 8 enabled.
The Bluebirds ended a three-match winless run to get their title tilt back up to full speed, moving seven points clear at the top of the npower Championship with goals from Don Cowie and Matthew Connolly giving them a 2-0 win.
Chelsea, who looked a cut above all comers early on, were lucky to leave Wales with a point last week and will be looking for a big result against Liverpool today to get their title tilt back on track.
With his 2013 switch signed, sealed and delivered, Hamilton has turned his attentions to getting his 2012 title tilt back on track, starting with this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix.
United have got their title tilt back on track after opening the campaign with a couple of draws; back-to-back wins against Romanian minnows Otelul Galati easing the Red Devils' nerves.
The vacuum cover and agitator assembly tilt back from the mixing vessel for easy access.
Perhaps most spectacularly, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge will tilt back to light up the night sky - a special 10th birthday wink
He'll now be looking to get back on the podium and get his title tilt back on track at Silverstone on August 29-30.
A tilt back hopper is said to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance access.
Unlike some other chairs we've seen, you could move around, lean forward, tilt back, etc.
So you can see it was full tilt back then although I have to admit we were given as much time to recover and spend time with our families as possible because John Sillett and George Curtis were family people anyway.
The new seat shells are made in one part and have a unique reclining function enabling the entire seat to tilt back, offering a more comfortable position that is proven to be ergonomically better, giving more support for the back and enhancing the general position of the body.
Another technique: Take a big sip of water, tilt back your head, drop in the capsule, and quickly swallow.
MICHAEL BALL is convinced the balance of power will tilt back towards Rangers next season because he reckons time will eventually catch up on Celtic's ageing squad.