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firm hand on the tiller

Full control over a situation. I felt comfortable knowing that even during this difficult time, he had a firm hand on the tiller.
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steady hand on the tiller

Full control over a situation. I felt comfortable knowing that even during this difficult time, he had a steady hand on the tiller.
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a steady hand on the tiller

If you have a steady hand on the tiller, you are keeping control of a situation in a calm and reliable way. `If ever there was an urgent need for a steady hand on the tiller, it is now,' said one European diplomat. Note: Adjectives such as firm can be used instead of steady. He was convinced that the job of those in power was to keep a firm hand on the tiller guiding the course of national development. Note: In a boat, the tiller is the handle with which you steer.
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at the ˈhelm/ˈtiller

in control of an organization, etc: The company began to make profits again with the new managing director at the helm.
A helm or a tiller is used for controlling the direction of a ship or a boat.
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Foliar application of water spray and thiourea solution of 300 and 600 mg/L was applied at tillering, jointing and booting stage.
At maximum tillering stage IR-28 achieved higher number of tillers than Koshihikari but this number decreased rapidly as compared to Koshihikari which retained significantly higher number at maturity.
The link between site occupation and number of live leaves is essential to understanding the tillering process, as each leaf blade has an axillary shoot that can originate a new tiller and site occupation measured the rate of leaf shoots that can evolve into tillers.
1992) also found late planting to result in poor tillering, reduces the tillering period and more chances of winter injury Number of fertile tillers m-2: Data regarding number of fertile tiller m-2 are presented in Table 3 showed that the November sown wheat significantly increased number of tillers m-2 as compared to late sowing.
1] was split-applied as urea at basal, tillering, panicle initiation and flowering growth stages compared with the some N rate equally split between basal, tillering, and panicle initiation application [15].
So, genotypes showed distinct tillering potential due to emergence variations of secondary tillers (Table 1).
Irrigation applied at tillering, booting, anthesis, milking and dough stages (I4 ) markedly enhanced the CGR over all other treatments except 60, 105 DAS where it is statistically at a par with ( I3).
At Laramie, where tillering was limited environmentally and aphid populations were high, this was the only significant correlation (Table 7).
Abbreviations: TRTT, tillering rate relative to tillerable tiller; RSPAD, relative SPAD of the 3rd and 4th leaf (from the apex) of the main stem
Key words: Time of sowing, wheat varieties, germination, tillering and grain yield.
Genotype Iqbal-2000 and Aqab-2000 had highest TDM (21670; 21220 kg ha-1) respectively while I4 (Irrigation at tillering + booting + anthesis + milking) had the highest TDM 22240 kg ha-1 verses I0 (no irrigation) 18070 kg ha-1.
There are some reports about damage borers (Scirpophaga excerptalis [16] and Chilo infuscatellus Snellen [25] at tillering stage on sugarcane.
One possible explanation could be that a 15-cm cutting height promoted tillering for the switchgrass single-tiller types.
Consequently, studies on the tillering pattern of the forage plant after deferment periods and periods of utilization of the deferred pastures are of paramount importance since tillering is the main source of perennation of forage grasses.