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firm hand on the tiller

Full control over a situation. I felt comfortable knowing that even during this difficult time, he had a firm hand on the tiller.
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steady hand on the tiller

Full control over a situation. I felt comfortable knowing that even during this difficult time, he had a steady hand on the tiller.
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a steady hand on the tiller

If you have a steady hand on the tiller, you are keeping control of a situation in a calm and reliable way. `If ever there was an urgent need for a steady hand on the tiller, it is now,' said one European diplomat. Note: Adjectives such as firm can be used instead of steady. He was convinced that the job of those in power was to keep a firm hand on the tiller guiding the course of national development. Note: In a boat, the tiller is the handle with which you steer.
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at the ˈhelm/ˈtiller

in control of an organization, etc: The company began to make profits again with the new managing director at the helm.
A helm or a tiller is used for controlling the direction of a ship or a boat.
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Brian Clowes' (Human Life International) response to the Tiller murder perhaps captures best what needs to be said and done now.
Wheat crop sown by turbo seeder had significantly taller plants followed by happy seeder, while the less plant height was recorded with zone disk tiller sown wheat in both years of study (Table 5).
After bursting on the scene in 2015, Tiller has become one of the hip-hop and R&B world's hottest stars, even getting a co-sign from Drake.
When you are faced with a mixture of soils and tasks, the dual-rotating-tine tiller is a great option.
When Tiller fired the first shot, which entered Hammond's chest through the left side, he was no longer in the car's path.
Throughout the regrowth stages, a higher basal tiller population density (BTPD) was observed in swards grazed at 120cm with 70% defoliation.
Now in her 70s, she is still active as the 1960s Tiller Girls reformed to do shows for charity - while her many years at the top of her profession included a decade performing on Sunday Night at the London Palladium.
The first tiller marking took place at the start of the first grazing cycle, when all tillers of ryegrass within the area demarcated by the rings were marked with plastic wire of the same color, and named as the first generation of tillers (G1).
The official informed that a big agricultural tiller costs as much as 20 small manual tillers.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to make certain lawn and garden tasks more efficient, the Small Tiller, has been developed by John G.
Had young filmmakers Martha Shane and Lana Wilson approached Central Casting for After Tiller, their film project about late-terra abortion providers under siege, they could hardly have assembled such a boiler plate cast: two men and two women--one radical with a 1960s Peace Corps background, one Republican horse farmer, one articulate lesbian, one grandmotherly type.
The bell was reclaimed recently by 1997 Thurston High alumnus Brian Tiller, who said he discovered it painted in Springfield High's Miller blue color in a friend's backyard a few years ago.
George Tiller in a Wichita church, only four third-trimester abortion providers remain in the United States.
My gardening life is mine, yours is yours, and the chances that we'd find happiness with the same tiller are pretty darn slim.