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firm hand on the tiller

Full control over a situation. I felt comfortable knowing that even during this difficult time, he had a firm hand on the tiller.
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steady hand on the tiller

Full control over a situation. I felt comfortable knowing that even during this difficult time, he had a steady hand on the tiller.
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a steady hand on the tiller

If you have a steady hand on the tiller, you are keeping control of a situation in a calm and reliable way. `If ever there was an urgent need for a steady hand on the tiller, it is now,' said one European diplomat. Note: Adjectives such as firm can be used instead of steady. He was convinced that the job of those in power was to keep a firm hand on the tiller guiding the course of national development. Note: In a boat, the tiller is the handle with which you steer.
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at the ˈhelm/ˈtiller

in control of an organization, etc: The company began to make profits again with the new managing director at the helm.
A helm or a tiller is used for controlling the direction of a ship or a boat.
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Conversely, the minimum number of grains per spike was observed in wheat crop sown by zone disk tiller in standing stubbles of rice crop combine harvested at 15 cm height that was statistically similar to turbo and happy seeded wheat under same stubble height treatment (Table 5).
Caption: Various versions of the broadfork achieve the same work as the tiller only by more manual means.
Vital rates were calculated using per tiller estimates of buds and current year tillers of three tiller cohorts (current year (V and F), 1 y old ([RT.
Tiller in the eye, thereby avoiding the body armor that his victim had worn constantly since being advised to do so by the FBI a decade earlier.
Thurston basketball game in the Springfield gym that winter, the "Ghosts" recounted in a newly released statement they shared with Tiller.
The rear-tined design has clearly won out, because all of the leading tiller manufacturers have now gone to rear-tined models.
Crop emergence was impaired when sowing was delayed owing to low temperature prevailing during stand establishment, which resulted in poor stand and reduced the number of productive tillers which resulted in yield reduction.
the measurement of morphological characters such as plant height, tiller number, stem dry weight and total dry weight were taken in the maximum tillering, flowering and harvesting stages.
This work aimed to study the effects of phosphorus levels on tiller emergence, survival and contribution to yield potential of two wheat cultivars.
The results exhibited that the Crop growth rate (g m-2d-1), Leaf area index, Leaf area Duration (days),Number of fertile tiller unit-1 area, Number of grains spike-1and Harvest index( % )were significantly increased by increasing the number of irrigation and nitrogen levels.
George Tiller and the Battle over Abortion, Stephen Singular, St.
George Tiller was remarkable for his willingness to be one of a small and declining group of abortion providers who performed late-term abortions under the "health of the mother" exception protected by the U.
A FISHING boat on a Redcar roundabout has had its tiller stolen for the second time - to the despair of the man whose dad used to own the vessel.
The ratings reflect the company's large market share in the power tiller business in India and its robust financial risk profile marked by low debt levels and healthy debt protection metrics.