until then

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(Good-bye) until then.

 and (Good-bye) till then.; (Good-bye) till later.; (Good-bye) until later.
Good-bye until sometime in the future. Sally: See you tomorrow. Good-bye until then. Sue: Sure thing. See you. Mary: See you later. Bob: Until later. The announcer always ended by saying, "Be with us again next week at this time. Good-bye until then."
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References in classic literature ?
But he had a vague consciousness of one thing, though it was not clear to him till later; that his original Tess had spiritually ceased to recognize the body before him as hers--allowing it to drift, like a corpse upon the current, in a direction dissociated from its living will.
Ethan therefore proposed to his assistant that they should load the sledge at the wood-lot, as they had done on the previous morning, and put off the "teaming" to Starkfield till later in the day.
"Why did you dye that wonderful chestnut hair?" I asked her presently--and was sorry next minute for the pain that shot across her face, but I just wanted to hint at what I designed not to reveal fully till later on, and thus to hint too that it was not as one of the number of her defilers that I had sought her.
This first day was made more difficult for me from the fact that the Ghost, under close reefs (terms such as these I did not learn till later), was plunging through what Mr.
"I'm not going till later on: luckily for the convenience of your family," he continued, taking base refuge in sarcasm.
Baby was wheeled out of earshot, and did not hear about the crisis till later years.
Not till later in the day did he realize that they were gray.
She complained a little of being tired, and I let her rest till later in the day.
'I don't take my supper till later in the night,' said he, 'and therefore I won't disturb the compactness of the table.
It was not till later that I learned-- by assistance of Miss Rachel, who was the first to make the discovery-- that these puzzling shifts and transformations in Mr.
Apple typically hosts a separate event for their Mac related announcements, so we don't expect to have any official confirmation till later this year.
But that's not out till later this year, and in the meantime there is still a way to get your hands on new games at a fraction of the cost.
But that's not out till later this year, and, in the meantime, there is still a way to get your hands on new games at a fraction of the cost.
We are intrigued by a graph posted by a statistician showing that the ranking of the senatorial candidates hardly changed from the start of the count till later as if their scores had been pre-programmed.