until then

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(Good-bye) until then.

 and (Good-bye) till then.; (Good-bye) till later.; (Good-bye) until later.
Good-bye until sometime in the future. Sally: See you tomorrow. Good-bye until then. Sue: Sure thing. See you. Mary: See you later. Bob: Until later. The announcer always ended by saying, "Be with us again next week at this time. Good-bye until then."
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References in classic literature ?
Ethan therefore proposed to his assistant that they should load the sledge at the wood-lot, as they had done on the previous morning, and put off the "teaming" to Starkfield till later in the day.
I asked her presently--and was sorry next minute for the pain that shot across her face, but I just wanted to hint at what I designed not to reveal fully till later on, and thus to hint too that it was not as one of the number of her defilers that I had sought her.
I'm not going till later on: luckily for the convenience of your family," he continued, taking base refuge in sarcasm.
Baby was wheeled out of earshot, and did not hear about the crisis till later years.
Not till later in the day did he realize that they were gray.
She complained a little of being tired, and I let her rest till later in the day.
I don't take my supper till later in the night,' said he, 'and therefore I won't disturb the compactness of the table.
It was not till later that I learned-- by assistance of Miss Rachel, who was the first to make the discovery-- that these puzzling shifts and transformations in Mr.
My energy levels were still pretty high and didn't dip till later on in the week.
Although the child's body was not recovered till later, Constable Farrow greatly exhausted himself in the search and in the ordeal of making his way back against the current, with very little facility for obtaining a proper handgrip.
Azadi Train will reach Multan till later evening taking shorts stays at various Railway Stations including Chichawatni, Mianchannu and Khanewal.
You always look to improve and although you can't say how it's shaping up till later in the season we will be giving that our best.
The organisers monitored the situation and when weather conditions did not change till later in the evening, it was officially announced that the 21st Grand Prix of France would be run on Sunday, provided the weather conditions were better.
They stay in education for a longer period of time, they focus on their job till later in life, or they are socially maybe less skilled than men who decide to have children earlier," shared Janecka.
However, we just received an official statement from the company, saying that the OnePlus 3TWhere to buy 29999 29999 will continue to sell in India, at least till later this year.