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It couldn't be till doomsday, you know, when the angel Gabriel blows his trumpet, unless it should come quicker than we think it will--oh, of course, I know the Bible says it may come quicker than we think, but I don't think it will--that is, of course I believe the Bible; but I mean I don't think it will come as much quicker as it would if it should come now, and--"
Suddenly he realised that what he did was a matter of complete indifference to her; he could go on in that way till doomsday, and it would have no effect.
'with your pardon for the word, I'd do the same if she had married fifty highwaymen in a twelvemonth; and think it in the Protestant Manual too, though Martha said it wasn't, tooth and nail, till doomsday!'
Then you stop and grind; looking as if you meant to stop and grind till doomsday. Presently a window opens, and somebody pitches you a sixpence, with a request to "Hush up and go on," etc.
Would Time but await the close of our favorite follies, we should be young men, all of us, and till Doomsday.
We said WE meant to have a church, if the men meant to quarrel till doomsday, and we were tired of being a laughing-stock for the Methodists.
I told him if he waited for that, he would have to wait till doomsday.
Bounderby replied, 'If I waited to be taken care of by my wife, ma'am, I believe you know pretty well I should wait till Doomsday, so I'll trouble you to take charge of the teapot.' Mrs.
'Not a syllable, sir, from my man, if we talk till doomsday,' returned the captain.
It took all her strength to keep the tears from springing, and to thrust back her assurance that she would forgive him till Doomsday if he chose.
'I will tender a public apology if the NAB proves any corruption against me,' he told the judge, adding the NAB could not establish any charges against him till doomsday.
With the grand-old party facing existential questions, the modern 'Turks' as you may well call them, may not be in a mood to hang around till doomsday, so to speak.
But the word selected will stay with Imran Khan till doomsday. We can say sideline PM in addition to selected line.
Lets wait till Doomsday to see who is rewarded and who is punished.
Nawaz Sharif wants justice Qayyum and Gen Butt like persons but Supreme C ourt will now award such severe punishment that he would remember it till doomsday, he added.