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An abbreviation of "today I learned," which typically precedes a recently learned fact in a social media post. Often capitalized. TIL that Lady Bird Johnson's real name was Claudia.


A shortened form of "until," meaning up to a certain point or time. More informal than the variant "till." (Without an apostrophe, "til" is usually considered incorrect). A: "Is Cathy still here?" B: "You just missed her—she could only stay ’til 9." Why on earth were you two on the phone ’til 1 AM? Our store is open ’til 5:00—do you think you can get here by then?
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/until doomsday
For all time; forever.
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Sometimes, Van Til admitted, prices can sink ridiculously low, as in the Great Turkey Price War of 1987, when the birds were selling for 8 cents a pound at Thanksgiving.
Similar-but less extreme-thinking prodded Van Til to launch the four-week promotion offering free items and money off minimum purchases of $25 and $50.
Although the promotion increased volume, Van Til expressed caution about doing it again.
As a consolation of sorts, he had the unique satisfaction of knowing exactly how the promotion affected sales of his main competitor, Ultra Foods, at the company's regular Monday meetings where, Van Til said, "We share volumes and we share anything that would be an expense to the company."
Those who work in the Mega Mart visit the Ultra store to do price checks and vice "It's competitive," said Van Til.
Just as competition takes on a whole new meaning when a company is structured in the way of Strack & Van Til, so does cooperation.
To get the best possible buys in meats, milk and frozen foods, Strack & Van Til goes directly to suppliers.
These items are picked up and brought back to the stores by Strack & Van Til's truck fleet.
Despite the complexity of operating three formats, Strack & Van Til has no intention of hewing to just one in the future.
There is one factor in the company's expansion that will not be dictated by market conditions, said Van Til, The new stores, just like the cuffent ones, will be closed on Sundays.
That lawsuit was settled May 16, paving the way for the first patient to receive the genetically altered TIL cells this week.